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Is it a Heart Pain?

Most of the deaths of Cardiac patients occur due to "fear of death" rather than the disease itself.Find out if a chest pain is really a heart pain or just some other chest pain.Here are few Notable points. 1.There MUST be a decrease in your physical efficiency. Everbody feels breathless when you run or do some Physical work.But notable decrease in your physical capability is said to have occurred if you see noticeable breathlessness for works which you were not feeling breathless before. 2.If you feel Breathless when you are sitting or at rest(doing nothing) it is most probably some lung pathology(like pneumonia,Plural effusion etc).But there is a chance of heart involvement also,but very rare. 3.If you feel breathless when you lie down and feel relaxed on sitting up ( Orthopnoea ) - this is most probably due to Heart involvement. 4.The Pain-If the pain is sharp, poking (with a needle or pin) in nature, it is due to Pleural involvement (not due to cardiac pathology) If the