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Q - 1

A 20 year female with 36 weeks pregnancy presents for the first evaluation.She is diagnosed Chlamydia trachomatis infection of cervix.Upon delivery,what complaint is the infant most at risk for ? a.Jaundice b.Hydrocephalus. c.Hutchinson triad d.Conjunctivitis. E.Sensoryneural deafness. Ans : D Chlamydia can also be associated with pnuemonia and Otitis media. Hydrocephalus can be associated with toxoplasmosis. Hutchinson triad - (i)Hutchinson teeth (blunted upper incisors) (ii)Interstetial keratitis (iii)Eighth nerve deafness. This triad is seen in congenital syphilis. Sensorineural deafness is associated with Congenital rubella exposure. Treatment - Oral Erythromycin.