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Ginger - Medicinal value

Anti cancerous agent - It not only prevents cancer but recently it has proven that garlic kills cancer cells.And garlic eaters have more levels of glutathione-S-transferase which is an anzyme that helps liver in detoxification of chemicals,poisonous and carcinogenous substances. Acts as a broadspectrum antibiotic and antifungal Stimulates immune system Garlic,Monosaturated oils,unsaturated oils from plant products,pumpkins,soyabean,avoiding saturated fats,decreasing body fat content and wieght,Anti oxidants like beta carotene,vitamin E,citrus friuts,apples,orrenges (not only contain vit c,but also contain calcium which also has anti cancerous properties) should be made a routine diet atleast when reaching 40years if not from the begining.These together very effectively prevent cancer and proved in many studies and surveys. Garlic in Constipation : Ginger,zeera,sennah (sana) leaves mix these and crush into powder,take with water (say 10 grams) at bed time works well for people suffering