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Public Service Article 2 - Message from SNF Group

If you know any patient with Kidney failure who does not have the Financial ability to secure medical care, please spread the following details: A prominent Saudi business man, Ma'an Al Sanea, has donated the cost of 60 kidney transplant operations in a Saudi hospital in Dammam, covering all costs. The hospital until now has only received 4 cases! If you know a patient who is in need, let them contact the hospital at: Saad Specialist Hospital Dammam - AL Khobar Telephone 00966 3 8826666 extension 4444 Please spread this message to help save lives ! Ms. Safia Bari, Director, SNF Support Center. (Mobile: 050-6526484)

Public Service Article 1 - Telemedicine Service of Pakistan

First ever Free Telemedicine Service (Al-Hamdulillah)has been launched, all the menu’s are updated, kindly check the service for possible errors and do inform us for suitable changes, now the service is on air not only from 5 cities of Pakistan but also from USA, the service numbers are as follows: 021-8301000 (Kharachi) 091-7006744 (Peshawar) 051-8080110 (Islamabad) 053-2007909 (Gujrat) 061-80200050 (Multan) 001-713-481-4679 (USA, Houston). It’s basically related to preventive medicine and the whole service is the research work of consultants of International repute, they had researched for almost 10 years and then they had prepared these FAQ's for the prevention of different disorders and diseases, the service is covering all aspects of human body, male, female, girls, boys and newborns, mental disorders and the service also cover and educate the people about sex, which we lack specially in Pakistan, where we used to hesitate discussing our sexual problems due to modesty, in th