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Wagers granulomatosis- Pathology, CVS

Wagner's granulomatosis is a kind of autoimmune disorder affecting the arteries. Medium sized and small arteries are involved. This is a kind of necrotizing vasculitis with granulomas. Its more common in males than in females. Mostly occurs at the age group of 40-60. Classically involves Nose, Sinuses, Lungs and kidneys. Clinical Features: Bilateral pneumonitis with nodular and cavity pulmonary infiltrates. Chronic sinusitis. Nasopharyngeal ulcerations. Focal necrotizing glomerulosclerosis and Crescentic glomerulosclerosis are the two important forms of Renal pathology observed. Microscopic picture: Fibrinoid necrosis, Neutrophils and granulomas. Lab findings: Cytoplasmic antineutrophil cytoplasmic auto antibodies(C-ANCA) Auto antibody against proteinase 3 Diagnosis is confirmed by biopsy Treatment is by giving immunosuppresive drugs like Cyclophosphamide.