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Pathology- Arteriosclerosis

Arteriosclerosis can be defined as a group of diseases that result in arterial wall thickening. 1. Monckeberg medial calcific sclerosis: Medial calcification of medium sized arteries Femoral, tibial, radial and ulnar arteries are affected mostly. It is mostly asymptomatic and can be detected by X ray 2. Arteriosclerosis: Occurs in diabetes, hypertension and aging Affects small arteries and arterioles Microscopic appearance- Hyaline arteriosclerosis- pink, glossy arterial wall thickening with luminal narrowing is noted. Hyperplastic arteriosclerosis- Smooth muscle proliferation resulting in concentric (onion skin) wall thickening and luminal narrowing. 3. Atherosclerosis: Def: Lipid deposition and intimal thickening of large and medium sized arteries, resulting in fatty streaks and atheromatous plaques. Aorta, coronary arteries, carotid, cerebral, iliac and popliteal arteries Fatty streak- flat, yellow intimal streak. Microscopically, lipid laden macrophages can b