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BCG Vaccine- How efficient is it?

BCG vaccines are live vaccines derived from a strain of Mycobacterium bovis that was attenuated by Calmette and Guérin at the Pasteur Institute in Lille, France. BCG was first administered to humans in 1921.

Every child born in the "third word" country (India, Africa, Burma, Nepal- Basically all poor nations) get vaccinated with BCG soon after birth. Did you ever think "Is it really needed?" "How does this vaccine work?" "Are the claims made by the government and the vaccine makers really true?" "Are there any side effects on the child in long term?" "What is the history of this vaccine story?" No. We never think so much. We just get our children get vaccinated like all "good parents" around us do. Its always good to follow the herd, Isn't it? you will never ask those questions for yourself until and unless its too late and your child starts getting autoimmune disorders and sometimes the effect may be seen in far distant future- like in their 40s or 50 when they get all kinds of chronic diseases (diabetes, thyroid disorders, SLE, Autism, cancer etc) because their immunity has been messed up since they were born.

I am giving references from the websites of CDC (Centers for Disease Control- US) and British medical Journal and ICMR. This is not something I have made up. These are official websites and its all in there. you can read them yourselves.

"The use of BCG vaccine has been limited because a) its effectiveness in preventing infectious forms of TB is uncertain and b) the reactivity to tuberculin that occurs after vaccination interferes with the management of persons who are possibly infected with M. tuberculosis."- CDC.GOV

 "In the United States, the use of BCG vaccination is rarely indicated. BCG vaccination is not recommended for inclusion in immunization or TB control programs, and it is not recommended for most HCWs (health Care Workers). Physicians considering the use of BCG vaccine for their patients are encouraged to consult the TB control programs in their area. The statement recommended against BCG vaccination for HCWs at risk for occupationally acquired M. tuberculosis infection because a) BCG vaccination interferes with the identification of HCWs who have latent M. tuberculosis infection and the implementation of preventive-therapy programs in health-care facilities and b) the protective efficacy of BCG for pulmonary TB in adults is uncertain."- CDC.GOV 

Vaccine Efficacy: 

 "In 1947 and 1950, two controlled trials that used the Tice vaccine demonstrated rates of protective efficacy ranging from zero to 75% (31,32 ). Since 1975, case-control studies using different BCG strains indicated that vaccine efficacies ranged from zero to 80% (33 ). In young children, the estimated protective efficacy rates of the vaccine have ranged from 52% to 100% for prevention of tuberculous meningitis and miliary TB and from 2% to 80% for prevention of pulmonary TB."

"The largest community-based controlled trial of BCG vaccination was conducted from 1968 to 1971 in southern India. Although two different vaccine strains that were considered the most potent available were used in this study, no protective efficacy in either adults or children was demonstrated 5 years after vaccination. These vaccine recipients were re-evaluated 15 years after BCG vaccination, at which time the protective efficacy in persons who had been vaccinated as children was 17%; no protective effect was demonstrated in persons who had been vaccinated as adolescents or adults." Source: CDC.GOV

What? Did you notice that range of those figures? Zero to 80%? Can any sane person believe in such a trail which gives such wide range of results- Zero to 75%, Zero to 80% and 2 to 80%. BCG is effective from Zero to 80%? It should be something like this- Either 0 to 10% or 70% to 80%. I am the only one who is feeling disgusted here? Are these really scientific trials or some children playing around?

"The 15-year follow up results merely confirmed what was known since 1980, when results of the 71/2- year follow-up of the same study were published. BCG offered no overall protection against adult type bacillary tuberculosis and a low level of overall protection (27%, 95% CI - 8 to 50%) in children. ICMR trails/ Madras trials, the largest ever conducted BCG trails." Source ICMR. More about these trails (which were also known as the Great Madras Failure or the Great BCG Hoax)

Ok. So the CDC tells us that BCG vaccine is good for children especially from poor countries- that is to say our children (so called third word children). Really? Can we believe CDC? Keep reading-

 "The primary analysis included 14 studies and 3855 participants. The estimated overall risk ratio was 0.81 (95% confidence interval 0.71 to 0.92), indicating a protective efficacy of 19% against infection among vaccinated children after exposure compared with unvaccinated children." Source: British Medical Journal.

19%? The CDC says BCG gives protection to children by upto 80%. Now the latest trails say its just 19% higher when compared to unvaccinated children. Whats games of numbers are being played? Can we really trust these numbers and statistics? If an educated person is so confused with what these guys are saying, what about a common man who has no knowledge of medicine or math? He will never understand and not even to try to understand these big charts and calculations and he will just do what everyone else believes to be true and that is what the TV and news tells them to be true. Wait for a moment. I am not asking you to stop all vaccinations at once and start protesting. I am asking you to get involved in your children's health care business. Do your own research before pricking your newborn children with those needles. Once you are satisfied, definitely get them vaccinated. But do it only after being fully aware. Don't just do it because all other parents are doing it. Be informed and then take the decision. Know both sides of the story, do your home work and then decide. That is real consent.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the awareness you are spreading.

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