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Dangerous Food Additives

Most of the food packaged/processed foods you buy from the stores are having toxic chemicals but only in a small dose. These food items are given the so called fssai mark on them. We know what happened to the fssai (food safety and standard authority of India) mark containing Maggie Noodles didnt we? Had not the lawyer who got sick after eating Maggie approached the courts, the fact that Maggie had toxic lead in it would have never come to common knowledge. Those Maggie Noodles which the lawyer ate and those Maggie packets which were tested by labs- All had fssai mark on them. Can you believe this so called authority anymore? Or for the matter of fact can you believe any authority when it comes to your health? NO.

Do you know that there are virtually hundreds if not thousands of chemicals in those processed foods that need not be labeled on the packages. And its legal. Atleast in US its legal. Now, if its legal in US, wont the rest of the world follow it? What about India? I leave it to your imagination.

The following labels on food wrappings and packages which are so misleading and confusing are really toxic to your body. The only excuse these mega companies and their paid servants (read government 'authorities') give is this- the dose or toxic level is too low to cause any problem in humans. So does that mean it wont cause slow poison? Does that mean the toxins in low doses over a period of time will strain your immune system, your live and kidney to the extent that you might get some chronic debilitating disease like Diabetes or Hypertension or Cancer? Yes. You bet it. Its slow poison nothing else. And its all being allowed to happen for- Money.

This list is taken from the book "Thousands of Plants Against Cancer Without Chemotherapy" by  Guiseppe Nacci, MD.

  • E220- Sulphuric Anhydride.
  • E230- Difenil.
  • E249- Potassium Nitrate.
  • E250 and E251- Sodium Nitrate.
  • E315- Erythorbic Acid.
  • E319- Butyl Hydroquinone.
  • E230- BHA.
  • E231- BHT.
  • E450- Polyphosphates.
  • E471- Monoglycerides, Diglycerides and Fatty acids.
  • E472- Esters of Monoglycerides and Diglycerides.
  • E473- Esters of Saccharides of Fatty Acids.
  • E507- HCL
  • E508- KCL
  • E509- CaCl2
  • E510- Ammonium Chloride.
  • E511- Magnesium Chloride.
  • E950- Acesulphane Potassium.
  • E951- Aspartame.
  • E952- Cyclamic Acid.
  • E954- Saccharine.
Does the package label says "Natural" or "Nature identical" flavoring substances or "Natural" preservatives? Be assured that they are NOT natural but in fact chemical substances which are similar to natural compounds (example- artificial vitamins which resemble natural vitamins. These artificial vitamins also strain the body. But its a long discussion). 

Does the food package label gives a chart of "contents"? Rest assured that many contents are not mentioned because either it is legal to do so or because "they are just for processing and dont have any food value". 

Does the package label gives a table of "calories and carbohydrates and proteins and fats etc"? It is just to fool the customer. Because many of these nutrients are not bioavailable or have very low bioavailability (nutrient is there, but it is in a form that the body can not take it and utilize it. highly chemicalized forms).

Next time you get a chips or snack packet for your kid and feel proud. Don't. 


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