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Mitigating Chemotherapy Side Effects

Supplements, moderate exercises and eating the right diet can help reduce the drastic adverse effects of Chemotherapy. People taking chemotherapy for cancer should start supplements days or weeks before starting of the chemo and continue several days after the chemo has finished. I am listing a few supplements that have shown promising results in many cancer patients world wide. Detailed articles about each supplement will be written later.

Vitamin E, Vitamin C, N- Acetyl Cysteine:
Help against Heart muscle toxicity of chemotherapy. Vitamin C increases the anit-neoplasic activity of chemo drugs-especially Cisplatin, Paclitaxel and Adriamycin. Patients taking Vitamin C need less pain killers and have good appetite. Vitamin E is used with Vitamin A, Co Q10. Vitamin E also potentiates chemotherapy drugs' efficacy. In addition, Vitamin E induces Tumor Supressor Protien P21. The dry poder succinate is most beneficial for cancer patients. More common Acetate form is ineffective in slowing cancer growth.

Injections form available- taken from a herb. It decreases kidney toxicity of Cisplatin and improves quality of life. Good improvement in WBC and Platelet counts is noticed with Astragalus use.

Rich in Anthocyanins (dark pigment in its skin and pulp) and Pterostilbenes (Antioxidant closely related to Resveretrol).

Used along with Vitamin E. It is non tpxic even in high doses. But caution should be used while using with chemotherapy. Some studies show that it should not be used along with chemo.

Used in combination with Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Selenium Methylselenocysteine(SeMsc) is chemoprotective. This compound is seen in Garlic and Braccoli. 200 to 400 mcg is suggested for cancer patients.

Whey Protein:
It decreases cancer cell Glutathione levels and increases its levels in normal cells i.e, selectively depletes glutathione of cancer cells. 30 to 60 Gms per day, 10 days before the start of chemo is suggested.

Shark Liver Oil:
5 caps per day of standardized shark liver oil containing 200mg of Alkyloglycerols per capsule taken for 30 days is suggested. Increases immunity and platelet count. Weekly CBP should be done to check platelet counts.

20mg each evening. Specifically exerts colony stimulating activity (at doses 30 to 40 mg / day)
High dose Melatonin (40mg) + Interleukin 2 (3 millionIU/day) in Ovarian cancer patients who failed chemotherapy- Disease stabilization was achieved in 41% and partial response in 16%.

Polysaccharide extracted from a mushroom- Coriolus Versicolor. Studied extensively in japan. Enhances immune system in cancer patients. Protects against chemotherapy related toxicity (especially peripheral neuropathy).

More to be added later in future.


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