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The Blue Zones- Lands Of Longevity

Blue Zones are those rare, special regions on earth where people live long and live healthy. Most of them go on to live into their late 90s and even 100 and above. Let me first list out these special places on the planet: Ikaria, Greece Loma Linda. California Sardinia, Italy Okinawa, Japan Nicoya, Costa Rica Some features that are common among the people of these places: They put family first and Elders are celebrated and respected. Spend time with friends. Take midday naps. Are more close to nature. Have good moral values and principles. More plant based diet. Goat Milk. These people are clearly more 'happy' than the rest of the world. Have positive and playful attitude towards life. Are shepherds or are close to animals. Some features about the regions themselves: Most of them are either mountains or Islands. Lot of sea foods. Lot of fresh vegetables, Olives or Grapes that are not poisoned with chemicals. The People of Sardinia, Italy are kn

Some Good Ayurvedic Destinations In India

Here I am providing details of Ayurvedic Hospitals/Clinics that I have known for few years. I have seen some very amazing results among some of the patients I have referred to these Clinics.   1. Karuna Foundation, Ottapalam, Kerala . Ottapalam is a small town near Palakkad Junction, Kerala. The consultant there, Swami Nirmalanandagiri, whom I have met a few times, has a deep knowledge in disease parthenogenesis and clinical details. I was astonished when he biochemically explained me how the white flour (maida) gets stuck in the body and how the body does not know how to deal with it. I have personally seen an Autism child treated there. I have seen a terminal Colon cancer patient who was totally cured. I have seen a SLE patient with Renal failure who got totally well within one month of treatment (by the way this patient was my relative and had spent a month in ICU of NIMHANS and St. John's Banglore, but did not respond a bit).