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Linus Pauling and Vitamin C

Do you know the only man on earth who has won two unshared Noble Prizes?  It was Linus Pauling .  1954- Nobel Prize for Chemistry -   “for his research into the nature of the chemical bond and its application to the elucidation of the structure of complex substances." 1962- Nobel Prize for Peace (actually given in 1963): For his Crusade to stop atmospheric testing of Atomic bombs. He persuaded US, Russia and Britain and the result of his efforts was the October 10 1963 Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.  But most people do not know that this great man had relentlessly fought with the Medical Establishment (Big Pharma, corporate media and corpora scientists)  for the medical benefits of Vitamin C. Let me quote you Dr. Klenner here, who by the way cured numerous diseases like Polio, Multiple Sclerosis, SLE, Hepatitis and other chronic "untreatable" diseases with the help of Vitamins and Supplements, most importantly Vitamin C- " Some Doctors would standby and watch their p