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Mitigating Chemotherapy Side Effects

Supplements, moderate exercises and eating the right diet can help reduce the drastic adverse effects of Chemotherapy. People taking chemotherapy for cancer should start supplements days or weeks before starting of the chemo and continue several days after the chemo has finished. I am listing a few supplements that have shown promising results in many cancer patients world wide. Detailed articles about each supplement will be written later. Vitamin E, Vitamin C, N- Acetyl Cysteine: Help against Heart muscle toxicity of chemotherapy. Vitamin C increases the anit-neoplasic activity of chemo drugs-especially Cisplatin, Paclitaxel and Adriamycin. Patients taking Vitamin C need less pain killers and have good appetite. Vitamin E is used with Vitamin A, Co Q10. Vitamin E also potentiates chemotherapy drugs' efficacy. In addition, Vitamin E induces Tumor Supressor Protien P21. The dry poder succinate is most beneficial for cancer patients. More common Acetate form is ineffective in sl

Merck and MMR vaccine Fraud

If you want to get a Measles Vaccine shot, you can never get it. Do you know why? Because it is nowhere to be found except in the form of MMR Vaccine, which contains Mumps Measles and Rubella vaccines together. And this MMR vaccine is owned and patented by Merck. Imagine every child born getting this MMR vaccine- the level of business turnover these vaccine companies get. So if you want to get a Mumps or Measles vaccine, you need to get all three whether you like it or not. As if this is not unfair enough, now stories are coming out through whistle blowers that Merck has been creating false studies, manipulating trails and research studies and has been continuously lying about its vaccine MMR, especially the Mumps part of it. It has been claiming that Mumps vaccine has more than 95% while actually it was of no use at all against the real wild type Mumps virus that actually infects children.                               Two former Merck virologists, Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlocho