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Computer Vision Syndrome

This post is for those of you who are software professions. Sitting in front of the computer and working for long hours without blinking the eyes properly. While looking at the computer screen, eyes have the tendency to stare at the screen. Here the eyes have to face with two problems- Your eyes are wide open. Your eyes blink rate is not good enough. As a result of this, eyes get dry, frequent headaches develop, irritable mood, insomnia, loss of appetite or over-binge eating, lack of concentration, emotionless face, neck and back pains might develop. This is collectively given a name by the medical establishment- Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eye Strain . These days this is more frequent not just because of computers but also because of the smart phones everyone is addicted to. Did you notice how in a movie theater, people start looking into their tiny cellphones as soon as there is a break in the movie? Who can get this syndrome? Well conservative definition says

Big Pharma Lawsuits

The below Table was taken from Dr. Mercola . The chart below shows the type of criminal activity, lawsuits and fines or judgments I was able to find for six drug companies. Keep in mind that these are conservative numbers as many records are not available without a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Also, many are not readily available online unless you know exactly what you're looking for, and what year.  Type of criminal activity Merck & Co. Pfizer GSK Baxter Roche Johnson & Johnson Guilty of fraud and/or Illegal sales activity 7 9 11 8 4 14 Federal and/or Civil lawsuits 100,000 Individuals or together in class action suits 10,000+ Individuals or together in class action suits 800+ 226+ Unnamed number of persons w/AIDS 5,000+ Individual and/or class action 500+ Individual and/or class action Dollar Amount of fines, judgments as a result of criminal or civil litigation $5.5 Billion+ $4 Billion+ $5 Billion+ $1.3 Billion+ $1.7 Billion+ $1 Billion+