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BCG Vaccine- How efficient is it?

BCG vaccines are live vaccines derived from a strain of Mycobacterium bovis that was attenuated by Calmette and Guérin at the Pasteur Institute in Lille, France. BCG was first administered to humans in 1921. Every child born in the "third word" country (India, Africa, Burma, Nepal- Basically all poor nations) get vaccinated with BCG soon after birth. Did you ever think "Is it really needed?" "How does this vaccine work?" "Are the claims made by the government and the vaccine makers really true?" "Are there any side effects on the child in long term?" "What is the history of this vaccine story?" No. We never think so much. We just get our children get vaccinated like all "good parents" around us do. Its always good to follow the herd, Isn't it? you will never ask those questions for yourself until and unless its too late and your child starts getting autoimmune disorders and sometimes the effect may be se