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Bill Gates Says Vaccines and Healthcare programs are for Depopulation.

Bill Gates in the following video admits the real agenda behind vaccinations- to depopulate the world. Speaking at TED talk, called Innovating to Zero, Bill Gates casually states that Vaccines and Health care programs are for reducing the populations. This is supposedly to reduce Co2 emissions and the so called Global warming.

Strangely, Bll Gates says TV and luxury services, whose industries cause the bulk of Co2 emmisions is "Good". So what is the real agenda here? Depopulation or Global warming? Looks like Global warming and Co2 emissions were just an excuse to achieve their final agenda of Depopulation.

Finally, does this man Bill Gates looks like an IT entrepreneur? Or does he looks like a Social engineer, trying to dictate what is good and what is bad for the whole world. People who are involved in "moral policing" are demonized in the media, but what about this "science policing?" Science which stands on theories and dogmas and which changes everyday.

Some so called scientifically aware people, who will go to any extent to defend their demi Gods like Bill Gates have come up with a new Idea that Fertility rate is inversely proportional to living standards. But these people think only in materialistic sense. Even if we go by what these people say, the the fertility rate should be in proportion to the death rates. In a developed country, fertility rates have to be higher than 2.1, in order to avoid Sub-Replacement Fertility (fertility rate out of proportion to the death rate of the country). In case of Developing and poor countries, fertility rate can be as high as 3.4, because death rates in these countries are high too. Developed Countries with less fertility rates invite immigrants from other countries in order to fill their offices and work spaces to run their countries. This opens up all kinds of 'immigrant problems' in those countries.

Countries like Japan and Germany, have increasing elderly population and shrinking youth. Who will run the country and who will take care of these elderly population? Marriages are shrinking, families are disappearing. People in these so called developed countries prefer to stay unmarried and have 'girlfriends/boyfriends' for rest of their lives, they dump their elderly in Old age homes and they go out on world tours with the money they have saved every year. In countries like Sweden, where the population is shirking, the government gives incentives to the couple who has child (long paid paternity and maternity leaves, hike in salary, free education etc).

Fertility rate in US is 1.8 births per woman and that of Europe is 1.58 births per woman.- Far less than 2.1.

Shriking Work force and aging population: Germany and Japan.

Fertility rate in Germany: 1.5 biths per woman.

Fertility rate in Japan: 1.44 per woman.
So its better if man does not try to play God.


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