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Showing posts from December 24, 2018

Bill Gates Says Vaccines and Healthcare programs are for Depopulation.

Bill Gates in the following video admits the real agenda behind vaccinations- to depopulate the world. Speaking at TED talk, called Innovating to Zero, Bill Gates casually states that Vaccines and Health care programs are for reducing the populations. This is supposedly to reduce Co2 emissions and the so called Global warming. Strangely, Bll Gates says TV and luxury services, whose industries cause the bulk of Co2 emmisions is "Good". So what is the real agenda here? Depopulation or Global warming? Looks like Global warming and Co2 emissions were just an excuse to achieve their final agenda of Depopulation. Finally, does this man Bill Gates looks like an IT entrepreneur? Or does he looks like a Social engineer, trying to dictate what is good and what is bad for the whole world. People who are involved in "moral policing" are demonized in the media, but what about this "science policing?" Science which stands on theories and dogmas and which changes e

Confessions of ex Director at Eli Lilly Pharma Company

Former director of Eli Lily and co, Sweden, John Regen Virapen had come out and blew the whistle off about the fraud going on in his company, including under his own watch. Rather, it was a confession motiviated by his anxiety attacks. He speaks of the fraud that took place during the clinical trails and their publishing, of drugs like Prozac. Lets hear to what he has to say.