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Dr. Andrew Wakefield and the Lancet Publication.

Perhaps the most  naked show of power and most ruthless persecution and character assassination by the Media-Pharma-Government conglomerate of present times, is the case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Introduction: Dr. Andrew Wakefield was a Gastro-Surgeon and a lead researcher at the Royal Free Hospital at London. Qualified in 1981, he has published more than 140 research papers in various journals. In those days, Crohn's disease or inflammatory bowel disease was unheard of in children. He was looking at babies of 18 months and younger, having inflammatory bowel disease. The gut vasculature was damaged in these kids leading to inflammation in the bowels and Inflammatory bowel disease. He hypothesized that, a virus should have infected these kids from outside and caused the destruction of their gut vasculature. He started to look into various viruses which had propensity to reach guts and cause such a problem. Measles virus stuck him. But some kind of atypical infection was takin