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Where is your Mind?

Where is the Mind in human body? Is it in the brain? or in the heart? Brain and Heart are nothing but organs present in the human body. Do they contain 'Mind'?  What do we imply when we say 'Mind'? Generally speaking 'Mind' implies intelligence, intellect, focus, analytical ability etc. Let us pose a question that will simplify our previous question. You remember those unicellular organisms? with cellwall and one nucleus. Primitive life forms we are told? Are they 'mindless' organisms roaming around invisible to our eyes? Or are they intelligent enough to search and find their food, retract back from pain, identify hostile environments. The answer is obvious, they are intelligent and they do have mind. So where is its mind when it don't even have a Heart or Brain or even a neuron for that matter? Now let us pose another question: What is mind? Is it intellect? or Is it our memories? Our cognitive, analytical skills? It is quite hard to define &#