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Harms of White Flour (Maida)

In May 2016, a petitioner K. Rajendran had knocked the doors of Madras High Court alleging that harmful chemical called Alloxan is being added to the white flour (all purpose flour). Alloxan is a toxic glucose analogue and selectively destroys the beta cells of pancreas, which is responsible for insulin production. This pyrimidine derivative (Alloxan) has been used to induce Diabetes in lab rats during experimental studies. But conveniently 'studies have shown' that Alloxan does not cause diabetes or beta cell destruction in Humans. We know how flawed and biased these so called 'studies' could be sometimes. Even if it does not cause instant damage, may be it may have disastrous effect on our health in a long run, like a slow poison. Have these 'studies' looked into effect of Alloxan and other chemicals present in maida, on the health of a person over a period of time? Chemicals found in Maida: Picture courtesy: Dr. Aniruddha Joshi's Healthonics.  Cli