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Covid19 Spike Protein and Coagulation Abnormalities.

 Gene based Experimental Covid19 vaccines have been associated with coagulation disorders- either extensive clots or bleeding disorders or DIC (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation). The cause of this is the 'Spike Protein' of Covid19 virus which these experimental vaccines induce our body cells to produce, after getting inside the cells. Better term for these 'vaccines' maybe Genetically Modified Biological Agents. 

How Spike Protein works. Taken from

Covid19 virus enters our cells through ACE 2 receptors through its Spike protein and replicates inside our cells in large numbers and leaves the host cell and enters surrounding cells. The host cells either dies off by bursting while the viral particles come out of it, or the immune cells attack the cell and destroy it as they don't want viral replication happening in these cells. This entire process causes lot of inflammation, especially triggered by the spike proteins. Excess response from immune cells and excess inflammation is one of the main reasons why some people deteriorate fast in Covid19 infection. Since ACE 2 receptors are in large amounts in epithelia of lungs and intestines, most of the inflammation takes place here. When inflammation in excess in alveoli of lungs, the lungs fail, requiring ventilator assistance or in severe cases, death.

What would happen if Spike protein reach area like blood vessels or brain or any other organ- which they usually don't in a natural covid19 infection? There would be inflammation in the blood vessels (vasculitis). The immune cells will attack the Spike proteins in the lumen of blood vessels and the resulting inflammation will cause vessel endothelial damage which will trigger atherosclerotic plaque formation along with platelet accumulation and the resultant blocking of the vessel (heart attack of stroke etc). But its impossible for the virus to reach the blood vessel lumen right? Well, that is what the vaccines precisely do.

Inflammation and destruction of Endothelium by Spike Protein, triggering atherosclerosis and block.

The DNA Vector Experimental Vaccine (Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca) and mRNA Experimental Vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna), when injected into muscle tissue, will enter the blood vessels. The blood vessel cells lining the lumen (endothelial cells) will take the 'Vaccine' and start producing 'Spike Protein'- because this is precisely what these experimental vaccines instruct the body cells to do- to produce Spike Proteins. Immune system is triggered and immune cells attack these Spike Proteins coming out of the endothelial cells hovering into the lumen. The immune cells destroy the endothelial cells producing the Spike Protein. This destruction of vessel endothelium triggers the platelets and atherosclerotic plaque formation and subsequent block of the vessel. 

Apart from this, the Spike Protein binding to ACE2 cells triggers the Platelets and causes blood clots or excessive bleeding by DIC due to Thrombocytosis (exhaustion and therefore reduction of platelet numbers). This cause cause internal bleeding or clots inside organs and death.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi of Doctors for Covid Ethics: MUST WATCH.

This immune cells fight with spike proteins can take place anywhere in the body- example in most unusual places like brain- causing neurological disorders in long run, even if the protein survives blood vessel damage, clots and internal bleeding. This is because, our body becomes a giant Spike Protein producing unit with cells from all the tissues all over the body producing the Spike Proteins- this is what the DNA/mRNA experimental vaccines instruct our cells to do, when they enter our bodies. So the inflammation could be ongoing in one part of the body or another causing various autoimmune disorders or even immunosuppressed state as the immune system is in constant overdrive fighting the internally produced spike proteins. 

Furthermore the Spike Protein itself is toxic (apart from its immune triggering-inflammation promoting property). It has some prion like properties and might cause diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Lou Gehrig's disease etc. 


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