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Deaths Occurring After Experimental Covid19 Vaccine Shots: A Small List.

 In the previous post on covid19 vaccine safety issue, I had emphasized how the deaths after vaccines may not be co-incidental but might have something to do with the experimental vaccines.

Recently South Indian actor and comedian, Mr, Vivek had taken covid19 vaccine and urged everyone to take the vaccine. After taking the vaccine he went on to say "The vaccine is  the only thing that can save you. If you ask me if people who get vaccinated don't get Covid19, its not like that. Even if Covid19 hits you, there wont be death." The next day Mr. Vivek died of cardiac arrest causing a major panic among the people of Tamil Nadu. Many villagers refused to take vaccine. In fact people in India, especially the rural population are so scared of the experimental vaccines that in the state of UP, 200 villagers jumped into the river to avoid vaccinations.

VAERS data: Not so safe after all. 

Immediately the media swung into action and started discrediting anyone who questions the safety of the experimental vaccines. The same old tactic of satirical punch lines, making fun directly or indirectly, picturizing them as uneducated/ignorant, attributing insane lies to the people who question experimental vaccines came in full throttle. All news papers and portals had the title 'Vaccine Misinformation' was fueling 'Vaccine Hesitancy' in Tamil Nadu. But fact of the matter is, blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, neurological problems have been reported all over the world after covid19 experimental vaccination, prompting some European and other countries to ban AstraZeneca experimental vaccines, while other countries have been studying this adverse effect while continuing the vaccinations. To label a genuine adverse effect as a 'misinformation' is the real misinformation here and it shows the lies and dishonesty involved in covid19 experimental vaccination news coverage. It appears as if the entire media works as a single unit on this issue, ignoring facts, spreading lies and attacking anyone who speaks about vaccine safety. We will discuss later how the real owners of Media and Big Pharma are one and the same.

Below are few deaths that happened after taking the experimental covid19 vaccine shots, reported from all over the world but suppressed by mainstream media and the internet.

Although the media and authorities keep saying "there is no evidence", "no direct link", "maybe a coincidence", we have to consider what Dr. Jacob John of CMC, Vellore had said about these deaths- " – that the incidence of deaths wouldn’t be bunched together in time, and might be more evenly distributed, if they were all coincidental. As Prasad Ravindranath, the article’s author, notes, “there are 93 deaths in the first three days and 18 deaths in four-seven days after vaccination. There have been 11 deaths in 8-28 days post-vaccination.” This and similar patterns merit further investigationClick Here for full article.

Furthermore, these are just the deaths and moralities occurring within 48 hours or few days or within 2 weeks of taking the experimental vaccine shots. What these experimental vaccines could do on a long run is hard to imagine. We already have indications that these experimental vaccines dramatically alter the immune mechanisms in the body. Unless there is complete transparent information of these deaths, without secrecy on part of authorities and until there are open discussions, without persecutions, arrests  by authorities or suppression or 'deplatforming' by internet giants, we might lose more and more people to these experimental vaccines and even more would suffer from chronic debilitating diseases.

Update 15/06/2021: 26,000 Adverse Reactions and 488 post vaccination death reported in India, during the vaccination drive. 

Update 27/06/21: Most who are dying in the UK now are the vaccinated. The Guardian. 


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