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Safety Concerns of Covid19 Vaccine Refuse to Fade Away.

Bill Gates, who is involved in worldwide Depopulation programs, has also invested hugely in vaccination programs. This combination makes lot of people hard to believe him and the likes of him when he talks about Philanthropy and Charity for the welfare of people. late last year in a live interview, Bill Gates talks about "Trade off" where he advocates for having "less safety testing than we typically have" and that "the governments have to decide will they indemnify the companies and say lets go out with this as we dont have the time as we normally do." For an innocent onlooker, it looks like a reasonable statement but if you take a closer look, he is calling for vaccine deaths and morbidity to be overlooked by governments. In the same interview he says that we cant be sure about the efficacy of the vaccine. 

Early in Jan 2021, Professor Gagandeep Kang of Christian Medical College, Vellore, India (one of the most prestigious Medical Institute in India) had given a number of interviews to media regarding Covi19 vaccination program. Questioning the approval of Covishield and Covaxin in 'Clinical Trial Mode', Dr. Kang had said that she had never seen anything like this. It means to say that the vaccine that is being pushed to entire population of India is still in its trails. Dr. Kang is also the vice chair to Board of Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and a reputed scientist/virologist. Talking to 'The Hindu' daily Dr. Kang had stated she would not take the vaccine without efficacy data.

In April 2021, an article from The Wire, had published data showing 617 serious side effects and 180 deaths following covid19 vaccination. In the same article, Dr . Jacob John, former Professor of Community Medicine at CMC Vellore, had rightly pointed out that the deaths were not coincidental as they were not evenly distributed but bunched up in time close to vaccination. 93 deaths in first 3 days, 18 deaths in 4 to 7 days, 11 deaths in 8 to 28 deaths post vaccination. Dr. John had suggested that this and similar patterns merit further investigation.

In March and April, 2021, Covishield was banned in more than a dozen European Countries, Australia, Philippines and African union. While the Faceook, Youtube and Google 'Fact Checkers' are ready defend Covishied with their relentless attack on any news article that talks about Covishield's adverse effects, the fact is that it is banned in a lot of countries for causing blood clots, stroke, hearth attacks and painful deaths.

An Army jawan killed himself by firing himself after severe sickness post covid19 vaccination. He called his father and asked him not to take covid vaccine as he was in unbearable pain and sickness after taking the second dose of the vaccine. The next day the jawan he shot himself. This news was not reported by any major news portal or was removed subsequently. 

Recently (13 May 2021), a plea was filed in the Supreme Court of India asking for public disclosure of Vaccine Clinical Trials and Post Vaccination Data. The plea filed by Dr. Jacob Puliyel further noted that Coercing citizens directly or indirectly to get vaccinated is unconstitutional

Meanwhile Pfizer was bullying and blackmailing Latin American Countries for Vaccine shots. Apart from being exempt from any legal action against them for any vaccine adverse effects, Pfizer demanded Argentina and Brazil to put up sovereign assets including Federal Bank reserves and military bases as a collateral for any prospective legal costs in future.  This reminds us of the East India Company, which used to make coercive deals with small kingdoms in India and ended up ruling India through such tactics.


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