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Bioengineering: 3D Printed Fake Meat Steak: Another Step Towards Patenting The Food We Eat.

 The notorious World Economic Forum is publicizing an 'innovative technology' that would 'revolutionize' the way people eat and 'disrupt' meat industry (disruptive technologies are backbone for 'Sustainable Development'). Again, in the garb of 'climate change', 'preserving natural resources' and reducing 'carbon emissions' the World Economic Forum is pushing this 'fake' meat which 'mimics' real meat as the savior of humanity. This can solve the imaginary problem of food shortage they say (Global food production is in surplus from almost 5 decades). Let us examine each claim individually.

👉 Claim 1: Its healthier than meat.

How do you define 'healthy food'? A holistic definition would be, a food that is clean, natural (as much as possible), with no preservative or additives added to it, fresh, unprocessed, organic, locally grown, cooked properly. Nutrients part comes later as all naturally occurring foods are nutritious. Would you call it a 'healthy would' if the raw food material itself is synthetically made in a lab? 

There are 3 companies which are in the race for 'Alt-Meat' steaks approval.
  • Redefine Meat: This Israeli company uses plant products to mimic meat. Full recipe is a secret but some of the ingredients might be soy and pea proteins, coconut fat, sunflower oil. Redefine was able to map more than 70 sensorial parameters and include them in its Alt-Muscle, Alt-Blood and Alt- Fat making the Alt-Meat. Just because it uses plant based products, that doesn't mean its healthy, like now we see many 'vegetarian' foods in the market which are not healthy, example 'vegetable oils' which are notoriously evil for heart. How were the plant ingredients extracted? What processing did they go through? Any additives, flavoring, coloring agents added, excipients and emulsifiers?
  • Aleph Farms: Another Israeli company This one actually grows live stem cells from cows and develop these cells into a meat bundle. What is the media used for these cells to grow? What adjuvants were added? What was the nourishment given? Do these cells still retain their 'stem cell' characteristics (cancer like)? What is the processing method? Are any additives, excipients, flavors, emulsifiers, colors etc added?
  • NovaMeat: A Spanish bioengineering startup. This company uses peas, sea wed and rice among other ingredients. They reorganize nanofibers of the vegetable proteins to make them seem like animal proteins. This look pretty much straight forward nanotech. What would be the implications of such alterations in protein structure? What would be the short term and long term effects on human body? Again, what are the excipients and additives? What was the final processing like?

👉 Claim 2: Its less cruel: 

  • If you disrupt the meat industry, get people used to this kind of lab grown alt-meat and other alt foods (in future) which will be patented, its a very dangerous pattern in the long run. If other foods follow suit, every food item we eat might be patented. This is the real cruelty of unimaginable proportions humanity ever witnessed. 
  • Do not think that all our food can not be patented, already talks are on to patent human DNA that is altered by some means (say through vaccines).
  • Go through this US Supreme Court Judgement on Association of Molecular Pathology et al vs Myriad Genetics Inc. Myriad Genetics claimed that it can extract BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes from an individual's body because it had the patent for this gene location. The Supreme Court rejected Myriad's claim saying that DNA is natural product and cant be patented. But in the end of the judgment, the court indicated that this judgement does not apply to those cases where "the order of naturally occurring nucleotides has been altered." That is so say that if the DNA (example through genetic engineering through vaccines) is somehow altered, then it can be patented. 

👉 Claim 3: Its 'sustainable':

  • They give the insane number of liters of water each cow or buffalo drinks on an average and how much grass it eats and then they tell you that so much of 'natural resources' have gone waste for per kg of beef. Its just fear mongering. There is no data whatsoever to indicate that livestock is scarce or its feed is scarce. Even if there were to occur a scarcity in pasture lands, it would be artificially generated scarcity through mindless regulations passed by the globalist authorities. Like all 'Sustainable Development' goals, this claim too depends on the fake 'Climate change' hoax which was never proven.
  • Again, this argument of 'Sustainability' comes from a Godless society which does not believe in the cycle of life. God is the true sustainer, God provides every living creature. Nature has ways of balancing things by itself.
Moreover there appears to be a cunning strategy behind selecting 'meat' products first for the food-bioengineering program, for patenting. The 'conspiracy theorists' who are fighting with the new world order and the agenda 21 will be split into two groups with this masterstroke. The vegans and the meat eaters. The split is too valuable as more and more people wake up to the existence of this satanic cult.

The corporations want to patent each food item we each, each one at a time. While on one hand controlling humanity's farm lands and farm produce, these international corporations now want to patent the food we eat. This is just another trick to get people habituated to patentable foods and alienate them from the God given foods.

Update: fake meat may not be healthy and might be not good for environment researchers say. CLICK HERE. (Sydney Morning Herald))


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