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Medical Industrial Complex Part 1: Public Health In Corporate Hands.

 The WHO constitution came into existence on 7th April 1984, without any genuine elections. Almost 3/4th of the world is influenced by the 'Advice and Recommendations' given by WHO. Billions of patients receive medical treatment partly or dominantly based on recommendations from the WHO. It has more than 194 member states, including all the wealthy states of the world. 

In the beginning WHO was supposed to receive funds from the governments of member states. But few years ago WHO setup 'Private Partnerships' (in accordance with Agenda 21's Public-Private partnerships?) that allows it to receive funds and support from private firms and industries. Since then, its credibility seriously tarnished, its independence seriously questioned and there has been a total lack of transparency with regards to scientific proof that supports its recommendations and its collisions with the MNCs (multinational corporations).

A Clip from Trust Who. WHO chief says WHO has to work on priorities which serve the interests of donors.

In May 2007, Dr. Andrew Oxman and Dr. Atle Freheim from Norwegian Knowledge Center for Health Services and Dr. John Lavis from Mc Master University, Canada, interviewed the management of WHO and analyzed its various recommendations. Both the doctors expressed doubts about the various recommendations given by WHO and whether they have any scientific backing. Dr. Oxman also criticized WHO for recommending-without any scientific proof that they are more effective- costly medications while cheaper generic medications were available.
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Global(ist) organizations like WHO and UN do not come under jurisdiction of any nation state and they are totally resistant to any democratic investigation or audit. They are harder to decipher, opaque, complicated and all powerful.
Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg explains how WHO is above all laws and jurisdictions.

Big Pharma or Ph RMA:

Who are these people who control the WHO and almost every public health authority in entire world? The Big Pharma is a coalition of Pharmaceuticals, Insurance providers and investor owned hospitals in partnership with American Health Care For Future. Its a global lobby for the US pharmaceutical industry. Members of Big pharma keep interchanging their positions from high positions in Big Pharma to influential positions in government, back and forth through successive US administrations. But they do not have any allegiance to any country nor they respect any borders or sovereignty of any nation. Having no allegiance to any country, glutted with wealth, they can shift at will, moving their base from one point of globe to another and thus benefit from low operational costs, bypass regulations and taxes, and are more difficult to regulate and enforce laws upon.

At first the Medical Industrial Complex (another name for Big Pharma) used to fund its own studies and trials. While this practice is still alive, they have now deviced a new strategy to get around any possible public scrutiny- Buying the Academic Institutions or The Research Wings of these institutions and buying their way in the so called 'Peer reviewed Journal Publications' through their 'Funds' (either directly or through a 'third party') 

These institutions get paid by NIH  or CDC (which are usually headed by 'their man' or have their men up in important positions) or some other public health agency for research of a drug (or vaccine). The Big Pharma joins the research. Once the research is completed, Big Pharma gets the patent of the drug and the public health agencies get nothing. Plus, the goodwill of the Public Health Agencies and Research Institutes come tagged with the new drug- an added bonus for the pharma company. Unbelievable right? Watch the Big Pharma representative admit it to a congressional hearing: 

US Congress Rep Alexandia Ocasia-Cortez grills Big Pharma Rep.

Wikileaks documents illustrate that WHO expert group was highly responsive to industry lobbying- In 2009, the 'expert' group met with the Pharma industry but refused to meet public health groups known to be Big Pharma critics. Click Here.


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