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Lipid Nano Particles (LNPs), Gene editing, Transhumanism and the Experimental Covid19 Vaccines.

 The Experimental Covid19 Vaccines instruct our bodies to produce spike proteins. Spike proteins are highly immunogenic but at the same time they are highly toxic. While a one time dead or attenuated Covid19 viral shot or spike protein shot would make sense, the logic behind producing such spike protein by cells of our body is hard to grasp. Meanwhile the delivery system used to deliver this payload (mRNA) into the cell is as bothersome as the spike protein itself. Pfizer and Moderna, which use the mRNA technology in their vaccines have said that they use the LNPs to carry the mRNA so that the body doesn't recognize the new code (synthetic mRNA present in the vaccine) and destroy it. So the LNPs in a way dupe our body's defenses into accepting the new synthetic mRNA coming from outside- which instructs our body cells to produce spike proteins.

Dr. Lorraine Day about Gene editing by Covid19 vaccines.

The innovative Lipid Nano Particles (LNPs) have been boasted as being very precise and have the capacity of delivering the payload 'on demand'. These LNPs or Nanolipids, or Hydrogel or Nanobots or Nano computers are not just a delivery system as they are publicized to be. LNPs remain in the tissues even after delivering the payload. These Nanolipids can pass through the Blood Brain Barrier, Spinal cord barrier, Blood testes barrier and can reach any cell of any organ in the body and stay there.

Transhuman Agenda:

Most of the people on earth are now part of an external AI ecosystem. The cellphones, laptops, social media, Google search, Gmail have already linked the person to the AI which is being developed by Google, Facebook and Neuralink. The Nanobots which will be injected along with the experimental covid19 vaccines would stick to various organs in the body, including the brain and interact with EMFs coming from outside. Thus these Nanobots will form the internal AI ecosystems of our body. They can exchange energy, messages, frequencies, impulses from an external Wi Fi or tower signal. They can collect data of our bodies like biometrics, thought processes, emotions, health etc and transmit it to an external source- a supercomputer AI. 

EMF waves emitted from Injection site of Experimental Covid19 Vaccination. 

A world wide blanket 5G network would make it possible to control and manipulate AI ecosystems of large number of populations remotely. While some people are already propagating the idea that transhumanism is so good for humanity, we have to think if we are ready to surrender our personal data and liberties to an AI which will control us. Transhumanism is nothing but digital slavery. This is not a new 'conspiracy theory', rather good doctors and scientists like Dr. Pierre Gilbert have been talking about this since the 90s. Lot of scientists and doctors have been 'deplatformed' (banned from Facebook, YouTube other social media networks) for questioning safety issues of these experimental vaccines We have to decide if we are ready to give up our freedoms.

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