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Magnetism in the Unvaccinated: The 'Magneto'-Spike Protein and Magnetogenetics.

Reports of covid19 unvaccinated people in close contact with the vaccinated people becoming 'magnetized' has been puzzling lot of independent researchers, doctors and scientists. We know that the vaccinated people shed spike proteins. But Fe3O4 based Nanoparticles do not shed, neither do they replicate and infect/transmit other people, like the spike proteins do. These Nanoparticles get deposited into brain and neural tissue as we discussed earlier. Looking at this strange phenomenon, it appears like something 'magnetic' is 
  • Replicating- Some vaccinated people are having their whole body 'magnetized' starting from the injection site. And
  • Transmitting: from the vaccinated people to unvaccinated people who are in close contact with them.
It looks like something 'Magnetic' is being added to the Covid19 viral Spike Protein genome, which is being injected through the DNA Vector and mRNA experimental Covid19 vaccines. What if I tell you, that may be very much possible. Welcome to the world of Magnetogenetics.

An Attempt to understand 'Magnetism' in the unvaccinated people.

'Magneto' Protein: 

  • Magneto Protein comprises of cation TRPV4 fused to paramagnetic protein Ferritin. This protein can be used to genetically targeted remote magnetic control of the nervous system and circuits associated with complex animal behaviorCLICK HERE.
  • Even The Guardian reported this 'Badass' new method of genetically engineering 'Magneto' protein to remotely control brain and behavior. CLICK HERE.
  • The Guardian article goes on to say that the same researchers from University of Virginia Charlottesville, inserted the 'Magneto' DNA sequence into a viral genome. CLICK HERE.
  • But in 2019, reports came out that the so called Magneto protein complex did not respond to magnetic stimuli with any membrane depolarization (let alone action potential firing). Although these neurons frequently generated spontaneous action potential. CLICK HERE. In simple words, the 'Magneto' was useless in remote controlling the neural circuits are they previously thought. 
  • Then they found out that this was because of the weak magnetic forces the 'Magneto' was able to generate inside cells. To overcome this problem the researchers devised a new protein complex. They combined Inkabox-PAK4cat (which has self assembly properties) and Ferritins (which has iron binding properties). The result was formation of huge spindle shaped iron-attracting crystals inside the cells which would increase the magnetic field of the crystal anonymously. These huge crystals which stretched the cell membranes, did not affect the cell survival. By externally adding iron into the hollows of the crystals, researchers were able to move crystals with magnet. But problem was that they could not add much iron in living cells in the body in vivo. CLICK HERE.
  • Now, according to freelance journalist Jim Stone, the researchers have found a way to incorporate huge amounts of iron into these Inkabox-PAK4cat-Ferritin crystals- which is not possible usually. CLICK HERE. This, according to Jim Stone, is the reason for magnets sticking to people's skins in vaccinated people and this is going to pull out the iron from their blood and deplete them of the most essential element for oxygenation of cells, iron.


A detailed, thorough  research and investigation has to be conducted by the authorities after collecting all relevant data from the pharma companies who are manufacturing these vaccines, to know why exactly people's bodies are getting magnetized. But for now, its not totally exotic to believe that DNA sequence of some 'Magneto' type (albeit with more magnetic force) of protein which has magnetic properties and which responds to external magnetic fields/EMFs and which might leave the brain susceptible to external EMF influences (mind control) has been added to the genome of the covid19 spike protein genome which is being given to people through the experimental vaccine shots

Luigi Warren, inventor of mRNA technology says spike protein shedding is real.

The DNA sequence of this 'Magneto' type of protein, after uniting with the spike protein genome, is replicating along with the spike proteins, inside the bodies of the vaccinated people. And this 'Magneto' like protein is being shed along with the spike protein and is being transmitted to the unvaccinated people in close contact of the vaccinated people. This explains why phenomenon of 'increasing' magnetism all over the body of the vaccinated and the magnetism being reported in unvaccinated people who are in close contact of the vaccinated people. 

Note: This is just a theory based on the data and evidence available at hand (scientific research published in journals). Only a full investigation and research by the authorities can uncover the truth.


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