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Magnetofection and Mind-Behavior Control: A Possibility In Future.

Social Media is filled with videos of iron sticking to bodies of people who were vaccinated with mRNA experimental vaccines. Media and Social media giants were quick in 'fact checking' it- "No, Covid19 mRNA vaccines wont make you magnetic." This is not just a lie but a conscious misinformation the main stream media and social media platforms are spreading among the masses. The science behind this phenomenon is not new, but has been there from over a decade. Its called Magnetofection. Overwhelming amounts (thousands) of videos are circulating in social media where people are becoming 'magnetized' after taking these shots. When denial with 'fact checkers' became difficult, now the pro vaxxers are saying that magnetism was not 'intentionally' added to the vaccine.

Magnetofection and the ElectroMagnetic Nanoparticles:

Magnetofection is forceful transfection of viral or bacterial (or any other external) nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) into our body cells using external magnetic fields. Magnetofection is used for targeting and enhancing gene delivery using magnetic force in vitro and in vivo. The Lipid coated SPIONs (superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles- the Fe3O4 based SPIONs) that envelop the covid19 mRNA/DNA material are influenced by EMFs (external magnetic field) by applying oscillating magnetic fields. Right now as we know, Moderna and Pfizer are using this Magnetofection technology to force covid19 mRNA material into our cells.  While these nanoparticles can cross the Blood Brain Barrier (and other natural barriers in the body) and are being described as 'promising' technological advancement in forceful gene delivery system into a target cell or tissue, their safety or toxicity issues are either being grossly overlooked or suppressed. These Nanoparticles can be better described as ElectroMagnetic Nanoparticles because they have both electrical and magnetic properties.

Dr. Jane Ruby about Magnetofection and Nanos.

The Magnetite (Fe3O4) based SPIONs are unstable, lack hydrophilicity and the capacity to be 'functionalized' (to organize it into performing specific tasks as instructed). To overcome this, a polycationic polymer is anchored to the SPION's surface by a direct electrostatic attraction between the positively charged polymer and negatively charged SPION. Polyethylenimine is the polymer being used for this purpose. Click here to view details on this from the original research paper published in pubmed. 

Polyethylenimine is in fact toxic to the cells (study1, study2). Not only Polyethylenimine but Fe3O4 nanoparticles are highly cytotoxic compound- they induce inflammation, cytotoxic damage and Respiratory toxicity. In Rabbit studies it was found that these nanoparticles increase ROS (reactive oxygen species) there by increasing the oxidative stress, swelling of mitochondria, swelling of oryctolagus cuniculus brain cortex, leading to neurotoxicity and neurodegenerative diseases. Fe3O4 was found to damage the mitochondria from a mechanism independent of ROS dependent oxidative stress in yeast studies.

Magnetic Nanoparticles and Neural Interface-Mind Control:

DARPA has been working with Moderna on Mind Control and Iron Man style Transhuman research for a long time now. They say that with this technology man could become more powerful and could control machines and electronics wirelessly by just using his mind. But the chilling open secret of 'mind control' lies in front of our eyes. Looking at all the evidence and by connecting the dots, its highly like that these 'vaccines' might well be a beta testing for the coming mind control shots in near future (if they are not already mind control shots now). So, people have to be vigilant and careful about what they take into their bodies.


Most car keys and other keys are made of brass which is not magnetic. But Brass interacts with magnetic fields, you can see it while moving the magnet or the brass metal against each other. Since blood is continuously moving (along with the magnetically charged SPIONs), it can surely attract small metal bits of brass, like the car keys.

Click here. You can see how the brass metal slows down and stops when its moved with a magnet placed near it.

Moreover its not just metals, even mobile phones are being attracted and sticked on to the vaccinated people. Some kind of electromagnetic stuff is going in in their bodies. We can only know the answers with proper research. So its the responsibility of the authorities to investigate these issues, instead of mocking, maiming and insulting the citizens who raise these questions. 


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