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mRNA Vaccine Can Affect the DNA: Debunking the 'Fact Checkers'.

Lot of misinformation has been propagated by the main stream media among the people regarding the mRNA vaccines. The media and CDC/FDA (Big Pharma) tell us that mRNA can not enter the nucleus and it doesn't effect our DNA or genes. So na├»ve. 

But let us examine some clinical research studies published in peer reviewed journals regarding Covid19 mRNA and mRNA in general, to understand if it can really affect the DNA.
  • The reason why Covid19 mRNA keeps shedding and PCR keeps showing positive even after the infection has subsided in some people is because the mRNA of Covid19 can reverse transcribe and get integrated into human genome. CLICK HERE.
  • mRNA has emerged as a powerful tool for transfer of genetic information. One of the applications of mRNA in this process is its prolonged persistence in the cell to improve bioavailability of the encoded protein- Covid19 spike protein in case of mRNA vaccines. Various approaches leverage mRNA as gene therapy drug format. CLICK HERE.
  • mRNA can be used in genome editing. CLICK HERE.

How does the mRNA Vaccine work:

Lets hear it from Tal Zaks, the Chief Medical Officer of Moderna. The gist of his speech is that, the mRNA indirectly influences the DNA/gene or better way to put it- manipulates the final output of the gene. So we don't have to actually enter the DNA and alter the gene, we alter its output i.e the protein, by changing the mRNA 'coding.' 

  • "We are actually hacking the software of life."
  • "mRNA transmits the critical information from the DNA or Genes to the protein, which is really the stuff we are all made out of. This is the critical information that determines what the cell will actually do. And we think of it like an operating system."
  • "And if we could actually change that, which we call the software of life, we could introduce the line of code or change the line of code. It turns out that it has profound implications from the flu to cancer." 
  • Through the mRNA vaccines "instead of giving the protein (viral protein which triggers the immune system-as is the case with conventional vaccines) we instruct the cells on how to make the (viral) protein. So that body can make its own vaccine."
  • "The cell is calling the police (immune system) and at the same time it is making the protein (viral antigen protein) and said 'that's the bad guy." - This is classic example of our immune system attacking our own cells in other words its definition of 'Autoimmune disease'. 
  • [Finally, why does he look and sound like Bill Gates? Anyway..]

Dr. Andrew Wakefield about the mRNA/DNA vaccines and Autoimmune Diseases.


  • Yes, the mRNA can directly affect the DNA by getting incorporated into it (if someone wants it to) or
  • mRNA can indirectly affect the DNA by altering the final output of the genes- This is most probably the case with Covid19 mRNA vaccines. 
  • Therefore the 'fact checkers' that say mRNA vaccine can not influence the DNA are spreading misinformation.


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