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The Medical Industrial Complex Part 2: Killing For The Great Reset.


Big Pharma Consolidating Money and Control through Successive 'Pandemics'.

Today, three Asset Management Companies own entire Corporate America:

  • Blackrock
  • Vanguard
  • State Street.
The same Asset Management firms own the Media, Military Industrial Complex and The International Banks. It wont be a surprise if I tell you, all three are founded and owned by Zionist Jews. These three Asset management firms own largest shares in Pfizer (largest Pharma company), AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and all other major pharmaceutical industries in the world. The Rothschilds own major shares in Vanguard, Blackrock and State Street. It wont be an overstatement if I say Rothschilds own corporate America
Dr. Vandana Shiva about MNC mergers and Asset Management Firms.

The Great Reset: 

Great Reset is a Globalist Agenda planned and executed by
  • International Banking Cartel.
  • Medical Industrial Complex.
  • Military Industrial Complex.
  • Corporate Media.

The modus operandi is the same for all the three-

1. To create a crisis:  
  •  Wars- by Military Industrial Complex. 
  • Pandemics- by Medical Industrial Complex. 
  • Planned Economic Recessions- by the International Banks, through Inflation bubbles, manipulating interest rates and stagnation or overloading of the stock markets etc. 
  • Information/Disinformation War- by the Media. Blurring the lines between truth and falsehood; reality and illusions, the media grips the vast populations of the world and their leaders in utmost confusion and insecurity through its grand disinformation wars.
2. Manipulated Reaction: of the public and world leaders, through the media and disinformation warfare.

3. To Give a Wicked Solution. The solution is what the powers that be want, not what the people want. But because of the crisis and the disinformation warfare that has been going on, people will be much obliged to accept 'any' solution, so as to just end the crisis and the daily media psychological threats. The solution will invariably make us voluntarily give up our rights, freedoms and privacy.

This is called the Hegelian Dialect- Defined as, A framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution. The Globalist Social Engineers use it on general population all the time. Remember the war of the elite is with the common man- to kill off the vast numbers of 'useless eaters' and to enslave the remaining people. Governments are bought off to pass laws in their favor. 

All these activities of the globalists are pre-set according to their own meetings and deliberations at the UN, called Agenda 21 ( now agenda 2030) Sustainable Development. The idea is to reduce the world population to 500 million to protect environment (hoax) and for 'sustainable' development. The deaths with pandemics, grand war that is being schemed will coincide with the planned economic collapse of the world being prepared by the International Banking Cartel. The Media will blame it all on the war and the pandemics. The culmination of all these events will lead the world into a totalitarian, authoritarian digital-technocratic slavery called the New World Order.

Covid19 Pandemic: 

Crisis Created:

After the bitter experience from Swine flu pandemic, where the WHO was caught changing the definition of 'pandemic' and doing a lot of illegal stuff to unfairly promote the Big Pharma narrative of pandemic (It was a normal flu blown out of proportion), now the Medical Industrial Complex came out with a real threat- the weaponized Coronavirus.

Globalist Stooge Anthony Fauci 'predicts' surprise outbreak of Covid19 pandemic.

Covid19 virus is not like its predecessors, its spike proteins are genetically modified, toxic and weaponized. Corovid19 infection is not just a flu but an endothelitis (an immune response to endothelium of the blood vessels). Some researchers and fellow colleagues have been saying that its just a normal flu (World Alliance of Doctors). I respectfully beg to differ. Even the vaccinated people will shed the spike proteins which will harm the unvaccinated people. Like the Simpsons discuss about a covid19 like pandemic in an Event 201 (which took place just before the Covid19 pandemic came into picture) like discussion panel, they clearly state that this time it has to be a 'real threat' and not just a Media propaganda bubble. Although the media has been successful in insanely hyping up the covid19 pandemic and suppressing the covid19 experimental vaccination deaths, the threat of Covid19 is real. 

Globalists' Front man, bill Gates 'predicts' Cornavirus would kill 10 mil. Note-pic shows Covid virus.

Role of Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates have to be scrutinized. For it was their narrative and 'guidelines' that the media pushed through the world wide governments and it was these guys who were the final authority for the draconian 'Fact checkers' on News, Social Media and Google Search. We know that both these jokers are nothing but front men for the real Zionist puppet masters sitting behind the scenes and pulling the strings. Fauci and Gates have to attend the media and keep the propaganda alive. The UN (funded by Bill Gates) has been criminally confusing the countries and populations since the beginning. First it said 'there is no evidence' that Covid19 transmits from person to person. Then it said Covid19 is not airborne, then its delay in advice to stop flights from China. UN is much complicit in this crime of killing millions all over the world and in pushing the toxic genetic engineering shots which are being falsely named as 'vaccines'. 
Coronavirus is the best virus to create fake pandemics.

Coronavirus is being studied extensively by the globalist NWO scientists. It is the best virus to create a pandemic, which is very common and spreads rapidly. In fact SARS Covd 1 (2002 to 2004) and Mers Covid (2012) were already released and extensively studied by these 'scientists'. 

Manipulated Reaction and Media management: 
The media disinformation war started even before the crisis (covid19) was introduced. In October 2019 (2 months before Covid19) Event 201 was conducted by Bill gates, John Hopkins Institute and World Economic Form discussed various way to tackle an imaginary 'CORONAVIRUS' pandemic which would kill millions with 'pneumonia'. They discussed in detail how to manage the media, hospitals and governments. Anti-vaxxers were given a special mention and talks were held on how to handle them. 

Once Covid19 outbreak and 'pandemic' were announced by the WHO (an extension of Medical Industrial Complex), media went into overdrive. All channels and web portals all over the world with no exception started counting the number of diseases and deaths. Such count was not fed to the public for any other disease. A constant state of fear mongering and shock was instilled into the hearts of billions of people worldwide. Even the social media has been handed over to the draconian AI algorithms which ban you if you dare post anything questioning the vaccine safety. Any article that floats around in the social media opposing the vaccines are blurred by the 'Fact Checkers' which parrot the narrative of Fauci and Gates. Again, the media, social media and the web are owned by the same Asset management firms. This media blitz against the people was followed by lockdowns and draconian facemasks and social distancing rules which made people desperate for a solution so that they could get back to their normal lives.

The Wicked Solution:
Covid19 would be the best example for solution being worse than the problem. The solution presented to the desperate and scared public was vaccine. But this is not a normal vaccine, its a DNA editing vaccine which turns our cells to produce the toxic spike proteins and make our immune system to attack our own cells. This is a classic example of 'autoimmune' disease. The effects of which would be visible in the coming years. The short term hazards like blood clots, infertility issues, strokes and paralysis are horrifying.
Senator speaks about the number of deaths due to Covid19 'vaccines'.

Many prominent Doctors and Scientists have been deplatformed from media and social media and are being character assassinated all over the web and TV for raising genuine questions about vaccine safety.
Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi about Covid19 Experimental Vaccines.

Dr. Christiane Northrup about Infertility Issues with Covid19 Experimental Vaccines.

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny about risks for the vaccinated if they get re-infected.

Luc Montagnier says vaccines are creating variant and more.

David Icke: Unvaccinated will be blamed for deaths of Vaccinated people.

The ball has been set in motion for the New World Order to take over the world governments. Recently the Indian Prime Minister had spoke in Indian parliament about a group of very powerful people who want to setup the New World Order after the post Covid19 episode. We have been hearing from all the US presidents about the NWO since Bush the senior. New World Order is not just about one world government. It is deeply involved in Gene Editing and Transhumanism. Humans will be packed in smart cities and districts with strict monitoring even at homes (Agenda 21). Digital RFID chips implanted into our bodies will link our biometrics, bank accounts and everything else to a digital grid. there wont be any liberties or privacy. The the real face of the NWO. Skeptics and researchers are wary that the new experimental gene changing covid19 vaccination are infact a step towards transhumanism. It would be crimes against our future generation, if we do not do our best to stop this evil take over of humanity. 

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