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Why SAGE's 'Covid19 Third Wave' Predictions Resemble WHO's Swine flu 'Pandemic' Predictions?

Its a kind of Deja vu experience when you look at the SAGE's (Science Advisory Group for Emergencies) report predicting apocalyptic 'third wave' of Covid19 and its grim repercussions on health and economy. Something similar had happened in 2009 Swine flu 'pandemic'- 

Its not he first time.
  • WHO had estimated that 2 to 7.4 million people would die if the 'new virus' was mild and 10 million would die if the virus was potent. 
  • Mid May 2009, 30 representatives of Big Pharma met Director Margaret Chan and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon at WHO headquarters behind closed doors. 
  • Even the Director of Public Health Dr. German Velasquez was not allowed into this secret 'private' meeting with the Big Pharma.
  • WHO changed the definition of 'Pandemic' to make it easier to declare Swine flu a pandemic.
  • On June 11 2009, WHO raised epidemic level 5 to 6 and declared Swine flu as a 'Pandemic'. More than 200 countries prepared for a Pandemic like 'Spanish flu' (1918).
  • Sources: The Spiegel and Times Of Israel.
German Velasquez: Former WHO Director of Public Health.
  • The European Union was later forced to pursue an investigation against WHO. Dr. Wolfgang Wordarg was appointed as head of this investigation.  

Dr. Wodarg says Governments or Council of Europe are powerless to stop WHO.
  • The WHO then acted as a facilitator for Big Pharma Vaccine deals with various governments of countries world wide. These deals are usually secretive, unfair (to the public), highly profitable to the pharma company and gives the vaccine manufacturer full indemnity (legal immunity) of any mortality/morbidity arising from its vaccines. Even the price of the vaccines is fixed by the WHO on behalf of the pharma companies. The contracts are 'sleeping contracts' which get automatically activated once WHO declares a 'Pandemic'. (Click Here and Here).
  • Even the British Medical Journal had published a scathing criticism of WHO and its role in Swine flu pandemic, terming WHO as a 'crying wolf'. Click Here

  • Coming to the point, SAGE, Imperial College and Bill & Melinda Gates foundations were among the prime 'advisors' to the WHO in this entire fiasco. SAGE 'scientists' funded by Bill Gates foundation (tax free foundations) and various premier institutions, which in turn are funded by Pharma companies, vaccine manufacturers, governments and Bill Gates foundation. Conflict of interest is everywhere and all over the place. Everything is intertwined, intermingled, opaque and confusing for a common man. But one thing is certain that nobody is interested in 'health' of people, everybody is in it for profits. 

Corruption and Conflict of Interest among the Scientists, Doctors and Advisors at SAGE and WHO.

Role of SAGE and other Advisors/Statisticians/Modelers in Global Management of Covid19:

A clear pattern is apparent by which the Big Pharma and the 'Powers that be' are manipulating, maneuvering and controlling the Covid19 research, response and policy making of governments worldwide.
  • UK based SAGE, Imperial College, NERVTAG etc (all funded by Big Pharma) put out crazy apocalyptic and like Professor John Giesecke (infectious diseases expert and advisor to Swedish government) said- 'debatable' and 'overly pessimistic' 'papers' and 'projections' using their grossly incompetent and erroneous models and statistical projections. 
  • These papers and projections are then used to create a narrative and utter panic in the people and at the same time, put pressure on the governments to follow their 'advice' or face the wrath of the people. Because their corporate media has the capacity of creating a mass hysteria and panic over a few deaths, in no time.
  • Once the UK government agrees to follow these 'advisors' and their 'guidelines', the US follows suit. And then the entire world governments will follow. If some leader opposes, they know how to 'deal' with him.
  • Now the role of US based CDC and FDA starts (CDC and FDA are government arms of Big Pharma). They go along with the bogus projections of the UK based committees and institutions and grant 'Emergency Use Authorization' to the vaccine makers thereby releasing experimental vaccines of questionable safety profile and incomplete (or no) clinical trails. Then also, the world governments will follow US and start granting Emergency Use Authorization for vaccines in their respective countries.
  • Media, CDC and 'eminent' scientists like Anthony Fauci and Ferguson are used to further the narrative of Big Pharma. 
  • Health authorities of world wide nations tow the line of CDC and FDA that the vaccines are not linked to any adverse reactions (blood clots, heart inflammation, strokes etc) even though people are dying after taking the vaccines. The media gets into its work of suppressing any vaccine related deaths, 'debunking' and 'fact checking' anyone who questions vaccine safety.


  • By now, I guess people have become familiar with SAGE and its role in lockdowns and Covid19 restrictions. According to Dr. Zoe Harcomb, 12 out of the 20 people in SAGE work for or receive funding from the vaccine makers and the Big Pharma. Dr. Zoe has prepared an impressive list of the SAGE committee members and their conflict of interests. Click Here
  • Most prominent 'scientist' whom the main stream media keep quoting is the infamous Dr. Neil Ferguson. Ferguson is most viscous supporter of lockdowns, masks and restrictions. On March 16, 2020 Neil Ferguson 'published' (not peer reviewed) paper through the Vaccine Modelling Impact Consortium hosted by Imperial College (both funded by Bill Gates and Wellcome Trust). It predicted 2.2 million deaths in US and 500,000 deaths in the UK. Later when challenged about his March 2020 predictions, Ferguson admitted that it was based on undocumented 13 year old computer code which was originally designed for Influenza pandemics. But he refused to share the code with engineers who wanted to cross check it. Click Here and Here.
  • It was not the first time that Ferguson predicted such insane number of deaths. In 2005, he had estimated that 150 million people might die of bird flu. In the end 457 people died of bird flu world wide from 2003 to 2010.
  • On May 5th Ferguson had to resign from SAGE for breaking lockdown protocols. But he still had influence over SAGE as he was member of NERVTAG (New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group) which advices SAGE. And the media gives him never ending air time even after his hypocrisy and blunders are out in the open. Click Here.
  • SAGE does not have immunologists or intensive care specialists. It has 2 virologists, both work for or funded by the Big Pharma. Sometimes SAGE has no virologists also. Click Here
  • Sir Patrick Vallence is another SAGE member who had expressed 'regrets' for frightening people before the Science and Technology Committee on Nov 3, 2020. Vallence was previous president of Research and Development at GSK from 2012 to march 2018 and then he directly became UK government's Chief Scientific Advisor. Click Here
  • Chris Whitty, UK government's Chief Medical Advisor, was on Interim Board of CEPI until permanent board was announced in 2018. CEPI is again funded/interlinked with Bill Gates foundation, Wellcome Trust and World Economic Forum. No wonder UK government has invested 50 million GBP in CEPI. Click Here and Here.

Covid19 'Third Wave' Predictions by SAGE:

Now the same corrupt SAGE is 'predicting' significant increase in hospitalizations and deaths with the coming third wave. But ironically SAGE report says that most of the hospitalizations and deaths would happen in those people who had taken both the doses of the covid19 vaccines.

If Vaccines are Effective then the group which has high vaccine uptake should have low sickness or death? Isn't it?
The real reason why there will be high death rates and hospitalizations in the vaccinated people is Antibody Mediated Enhancement. Antibodies against Covid19 that develop with the vaccines, actually exacerbate Covid19 infections in future.
Not hospitals but the media, Google and social media Fact Checkers have been overwhelmed and exhausted to cover up the fact that their own SAGE report say that the vaccinated people are going to get hit hard in the third wave with around 60%  to 70% of the wave comprising of the fully vaccinated people. And the report tried to lay the blame on the unvaccinated children

Conclusion: Covid19 1st, 2nd and 3rd wave predictions are all similar to 2009 Swine flu (and even bird flu predictions before that) fake pandemic predictions because the game is run by the same people at the top.

References and Further Reading:

ProjectFear by TheConservativeWoman. (A well researched article comprising 3 parts).


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