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Aluminum Adjuvant Toxicity: Dr. Larry Palevsky's Testimony- Highlights.

Dr. Larry Palevsky at Public Health Committee 19 Feb, 2020, HB 5044-an attempt to eliminate religious exemptions from public school vaccinations.

 Dr. Stanley Plotkin, aka Godfather of Immunology was forced into silence by lawyer Aaron Siri with irrefutable proofs of possibilities of ill effects of vaccines on children. Dr. Stanley was under subpoena and under oath. He could barely lie and he could not get away from tough questions on vaccines. One of the section of the questioning was about Aluminum toxicity on brains of children. Click Here for Dr. Stanley Plotkin's deposition of Dr. Stanley Plotkin (look at time point 6:35:40 about Aluminum toxicity). Most of the doctors just parrot the corporate 'scientist' who tells them that 'there is no evidence that Aluminum causes autism.' That is al they know.

Dr. Larry Palevsky an eminent Pediatrician from the US has been studying effects of Aluminum adjuvants on the health of children. Key points from his testimony to Public Health Committee.
  • There is no study to show that the vaccine makes the bacterial or virus disappear from the bodies of vaccinated children. Therefor the assumption that vaccinated children do not transmit the bacteria/virus has no scientific basis.
  • 2 to 10% of children who receive the vaccine actually don't develop antibody at all. And a number of children develop the antibody but are not protected at all.
  • When you vaccinate, the virus don't disappear from earth, the mutate. Measles virus also mutates and therefore there were outbreaks in Canada which showed a new virus. 
  • Vaccination can induce strain replacement (due to mutation).
  • Studies in animals show that chemicals in the vaccines can cause brain inflammation and diseases which we see increasing in children today.
  • We are creating many of such children (with brain diseases) and we are ignoring them for the sake of continuing the vaccination programs.
  • The type of Aluminum used in vaccines is different, its Nanoparticle. Nanoparticles bind tightly to bacterial/viral antigens, the food protein antigens and to any other contaminants that are present in the vaccines. Nanoparticles are capable of entering the brain. Animal studies show that vaccine ingredients enter the brain. European studies show that Aluminum particles can exist in brain for decades. This may be the reason of large neurodegenerative disease in adults we are seeing today. 
  • One of the main thing researchers are finding in brains of Alzheimer's disease patients is the Aluminum Nanoparticle.
  • Around half of our children have chronic inflammatory conditions. Vaccines are given to cause acute inflammation but no studies are done to check if the vaccines cause chronic inflammation. This could be the reason for increased Autoimmune disorders now a days.
  • Molecular Mimicry: Bacteria/Virus in the vaccines along with the adjuvants cause molecular mimicry. Pieces of these bacteria/virus match pieces of our own cells and the immune system attacks our own cells. We know this is the case with Gardasil and flu shots.
  • Brains of people with autism have lot more aluminum in their brains than normal people.
  • Aluminum Nanoparticle in the vaccine is accompanied by Polysorbate 80 which is an emulsifier and this can go through both water and fat materials. Polysorbate 80 can pass through brain and it takes aluminum nanoparticles with it into the brain.
  • 2-Phenoxy Ethanol, another chemical present in the vaccine which disrupts the health of the cell membranes of the body. It is well known to be detergent in that respect. 
  • Aluminum nanoparticle can destroy the mitochondria Mitochondrial diseases is the basic pathophysiological finding in people with chronic inflammatory conditions. 
  • The Nanoparticles also destroy the Lysosomes (waste product removal system of the cell) and therefore change the way cells remove the waste in inflammation. Therefore increasing the changes of chronic inflammatory conditions.
  • Millions of parents say their child was find before the vaccine and millions the doctors tell these parents that had nothing to do with the vaccine. But the parents saw it right in front of them.
  • In 2005 FDA said that they knew they are foreign DNA in the vaccines and they didn't study it at all. The Nanoparticles can attach to this DNA.
  • The ingredients in vaccines are never studied to have any carcinogenic effects
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases in unvaccinated children are far less than in vaccinated children.
  • Medical community refuses to acknowledge that there are faults with the vaccination system.
  • It has never been proven that vaccinated children do not transmit the virus/bacteria. But it is generally believed to be true. We propagate that without scientific evidence. There are lot of assumptions without any scientific data.
  • Miscarriage and Flu vaccine: Increasing mothers say they were fine until they took the vaccine and then the authorities say its not because of the vaccine. Studies show that babies who are exposed to increased inflammation in utero, have increased incidence of schizophrenia and metal health disorders by teenage years. We are not looking at the long term effects of inflammation caused by the vaccines.
  • Vaccines have not undergone randomized placebo control double blind studies. Not one ingredient in the vaccine was ever tested through a double blind randomized control placebo study
  • Vaccines are not treated same as drugs. They say its unethical to keep children unvaccinated during the studies. So that's why they say we don't have studies looking at the health of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children over a long period of time.
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