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Covid-19 RT-PCR Test Explained.

Kary Mullis: You can find anything in anyone. 

PCR: Polymerase Chain Reaction. The test amplifies a given fragment of the DNA into number of copies of full DNA, depending on the amplification used.

RT- PCR: Reverse Transcriptase PCR. This test first creates a complementary DNA from a given RNA (Reverse transcription) and then it amplifies the cDNA produced. Its used for RNA viruses (Covid-19).

Real Time RT PCR: 

The results are visible immediately, rather than at the end of the test. 

What's the catch: 

When amplified to enough 'cycles' you can find anything from anyone. Because the test takes a molecule and amplifies it. Our bodies have molecules which are identical to molecules found in environment, bacteria and viruses. 

If a molecule from your body which might be just a fragment from previous coronavirus flu virus (almost ALL people in the world would have had coronavirus flu in their life in flu seasons) or some other virus fragment which might resemble fragment of Covid-19 virus or some molecule which would resemble the fragment from Covid-19 virus, the test will be positive if you amplify it enough. Even though you don't have coronavirus in your body. This is called 'False Positive. "

This 'False Positive' is being termed as 'Asymptomatic infection' by the corrupt 'scientists' like Anthony Fauci and Christian Drosten. Spreading misinformation that people with 'Asymptomatic infections' could spread the virus, these corrupt scientists pushed for MASS SCREENING by RT PCR-which was never done in the history of Medicine. (Study 1, Study 2)

Moreover, when you increase the amplification of the test, some fragment of any viral fragment present in our body could resemble Covid-19 virus and the test will come positive. Anyway, no matter how many cycles you increase, the test can not tell if a person has real infection in him. The test can not distinguish between dead breakdown fragments of some virus (lying in immune cells) resembling fragments of Covid-19 virus vs the live whole Covid-19 virus replicating in cells (infection). Thats what the inventor of PCR test Kary Muller tried to clarify people again and again- that the PCR test can not detect infection. "It will show anything in anyone" (watch above video).

Cycles of amplifications: (Cycles Threshold) 

The amplifications go in the order of 2,4, 8, 16, 32 and so on. At 24th amplification, you are in billions of amplifications. That is why 24 to 30 is considered as a kind of cut off by regular scientific community. India has put the cut off value at 35.

Because above 30 - 35, there is no significance even if the test is positive. But in case of Covid-19, they have been using it upto 45 amplification. Its bound to give 97% and above false positives. These false positive tests create an illusion of thousands of 'Asymptomatic cases' while in fact they are healthy people. The paid corporate media keeps 'reporting' daily 'Covid-19 positive cases' to keep the public under fear. The same test is mandatory at most airports today, traumatizing and terrorizing thousands of healthy travellers each day. 


The basis of the entire 'pandemic' is the PCR testing. That's the reason why corrupt people like Fauci and Drosten keep pushing for more testing, because they want more positive numbers. These two agents of evil have been working on SARS Covid 1, MERS, Ebola etc. They know the game. If you stop the testing, pandemic will stop. Sure some people will fall sick and few might even die, but thats what happens with every infectious disease. Question is whether its a, pandemic? No.

Kary Mullis talks about Anthony Fauci. 

Kary Mullis:

A Noble laureate for inventing PCR test. Mullis died with pneumonia few months before the advent of Covid-19 pandemic in 2019. He was 74 years old at that time. 

Mullis was very critical of Fauci (NIH chief and kingpin in the entire Covid-19 plandemic) and how Fauci used his PCR test to create a fake virus of HIV. In this video you can see Mullis saying, "The guys like Fauci doesn't know anything about anything and i'll say that to his face. Nothing. The guy wont know if you take a blood sample and see if there's a virus in it, he doesn't know it, he doesn't understand electron microscopy, he doesn't understand medicine. He should not be in the position he is. Most of these guys on the top, in administrative positions, don't know what's going on. Those guys have an agenda. " Mullis compares today's doctors to priests and science to religion. Watch the entire clip.


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