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Dr. Peter McCullough interview with Tucker Carlson: Highlights.


In Australia, Doctor would go to jail if he uses HCQ. 


  • There's a glob oblivion about treating patients with Covid-19. Patients are sick at home for about 2 weeks (with any treatment) and they get sick to the poi where they can't breathe anymore and they get hospitalized and almost all the patients hospitalized die.
  • PPE: Doesn't save the patient. It protects the health care professionals.
  • Masks and social distancing are fear driven.

  • Covid-19 is like flu pneumonia except that the immune so goes crazy in middle part of the disease and then there is thrombosis (blood clots).
  • There's incredible suppression of early treatment.
  • Lancet published a fake paper that came from a fake database that implied that Hydroxycloroquine hurt people in the hospital. It went through peer review, all the editors of Lancet agreed upon it. It hung up on the Lancet for about 2 weeks and scared the hell out of the world. Its one of the most widely used, mostly relied upon drug in the world.
  • The fake study came from a company called Surgisphere which rapidly dissolved.
  • The pressure to suppress early treatment is so overwhelming, through the journals, medical societies, public health committees. 
  • It may be to put the people under fear in order for better acceptance of mass vaccination.
  • NIH says don't treat early infections. They go further and say if someone can't breathe and comes to the hospital, don't treat it unless they need oxygen.
  • The TGA (FDA equivalent in Australia) has 2 dozen recommendations in their guidelines: Don't use HCQ, Don't use Ivermectin, Don't use steroids, Don't use anticoagulants, its a list of things you should not do. What are you supposed to do? Nothing.
  • Something very wrong is going on and its going on around the world. There are horrible things going on (like euthanasia of the elderly).
  • Is it like in the political sphere where you won't tolerate dissent? Are doctors worried they will be fired for not follow what they are told? 
  • Talks about 'CDC Ruling'. Our public health authorities have become larger than life in terms of their ability to create an environment of loss of freedom.
  • Nuremberg code says the person has right to what he chooses with his body without pressure, coercion or reprisal. If a person says I don't want to take a vaccine, you can't force him. If a person is told that he would lose his job if he does take the vaccine, isn't that coercion? I can't go to school or get a college degree if I don't get vaccinated. Isn't that coercion? 
  • Some doctors are saying that they won't see the patients unless they are vaccinated. A hospital said they would pay 500 USD if the employees got vaccinated. Thats coercion. But some didn't get the vaccine out of safety concerns, they got threatened with losing their jobs. 
  • Covid-19 recovered patients have terrific record of not getting reinfected.  Its almost air tight. That is why Covid-19 recovered patients were excluded from vaccine safety trails. They knew you can't get reinfected. 
  • One of the false narratives out there is that you can get this infection twice.
  • Spike proteins produced from the vaccine causes blood clots, damage blood vessels.
  • Its not good for pregnant women. 
  • We need an independent safety monitoring board to test the vaccine safety.
  • You don't get vaccinated for someone else's sake. You always vaccinate a person for hia safety, not for the sake of others.
  • If schools are forcing children to get vaccinated, get a proof of immunity by doing T cell test ot Antibody test. Even a clinical diagnosis is enough as proof of evidence for immunity against Covid-19. 
  • There is an atmosphere of fear and false narrative. There is a lack of common sense. We have to use our clinic common sense.
  • The immunity in Covid-19 recovered patients is robust, complete and durable. Lets move on.
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