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Dr. Peter McCullough's Testimony to Senate Committee

Texas State Committee on Health and Human Services. 

Dr. Peter McCullough's credentials:

  • Internist and Cardiologist. 
  • Professor of Medicine. 
  • At Texas A & M University School of Medicine on the Baylor Dallas Campus. 
  • Editor of two major journals. 
  • Most published person in Heart and Kidney related studies.
  • Chief of Dept. of Nutrition and Preventive Medicine. 
  • More on his awards and achievements: Click Here.


Key points in the Testimony: (March 10, 2021)

  • "I refuse to let a patient to languish at home for 2 weeks with no treatment and then hospitalized when it was too late."
  • Published an article along with team of doctors from Italy and US on available treatment options for early to moderate Covid19 cases at the American Journal of Medicine. Click Here.
  • No study or guidelines were issued by any health authority or scientific/medical society to treat early cases and stop hospitalizations.
  • When I posted a YouTube video with 4 slides from the peer reviewed study that was published in one of the best medical journals in the world, it went absolutely viral.
  • Within about a week, YouTube said 'you violated terms of the community.' Based on what authority? Thats when Senator Johnson's office got involved.
  • I became the lead witness for Senate Testimony of Nov 2020 because there was a near total block on information about treatment of patients.
  • Patients are handed over the diagnosis of Covid-19 without any information, resources or helplines and they are lead to believe its untreatable. Thats the standard of care in the US.
  • There is such a focus on vaccine. Where is the focus on treatment of patient who is sitting sick right now?
  • We published a second paper in Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine with 57 authors. We have the treatment protocol updated and integrated.
  • Colchicine was proven effective anti inflammatory drug for Covid-19 patients in a large double blind placebo control trial will 4000 patients. There was 50% reduction in mortality with colchicine. No word of it. None. Completely blocked. How can that be? 
  • Why don't we have a panel of doctors at the white house who had actually treated patients with Covid-19 and give us an update every week.
  • We have a complete and total blank spot on treatment. 
  • American Society of Physicians and Surgeons identified 35 treatment centers in Texas, they have emergency hot lines, they have pamphlets for patients.
  • No patient should be given just the diagnosis without the helpline or supportive literature, no patient should be sent home empty handed waiting 2 weeks at home in despair to get hospitalized and die.
  • During this pandemic, the world is closing in on us and there's only one doctor whose face is on TV now. (referring to Dr. Fauci). Not a panel. Doctors always work in group. 
  • There isn't a single doctor on TV who has treated a Covid-19 patient. Not a single person in Whitehouse task force that has treated a Covid-19 patient. 
  • All efforts for treatment were dropped. All focus was on vaccine. NIH had started a multi drug based study to treat Covid-19 but they dropped it, saying 'we can't find the patients'. The most disingenuous announcement ever.
  • Operation Warp speed went full tilt towards vaccine development and there was a silencing on any information on treatment. Scrubbed from Twitter, YouTube, cant get papers published in this. 
  • In Texas there is 80% Herd immunity without any vaccine. People who recovered from Covid-19 have complete and durable immunity. Complete and durable. You can't beat natural Immunity. You can't vaccinate on top of it and make it better. There is no scientific rationale to vaccinate a Covid-19 recovered patient or testing a Covid-19 recovered patient.
  • The vaccines can have only 1% public health impact. Thats what the data says. Vaccines can't save us, we are already 80% herd immune.
  • People under 50 with no underlying conditions, there is no rationale in vaccinating them.
  • Lot of talk about Asymptomatic spread. There is a low degree if any, of asymptomatic spread. Sick person gives it to sick person. The Chinese have published a study in British Medical Journal, consisting of 10 million people, they couldn't find any asymptomatic spread. Thats one of the important piece of misinformation.
  • A large study from McKinney Texas and another one from New York City show that early treatment with sequential muti drug approach, patients over 50 years age, with other medical problems, there is 85% reduction in hospitalizations and death.
  • No single drug works individually, its wrong to say this or that doesn't work for Covid-19. The drugs in combination work, not single drug. So its wrong to pick up a drug and say that doesn't work.
  • Herd immunity started showing effect long before the vaccine showed up, the curve is going down long before the vaccine showed up, as the early treatment increased now. 


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