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Dr. Scott Jensen About Covid-19 policy and Vaccination Program.

Minnesota Senator Dr. Jensen. 

Dr. Scott Jensen is a physician and Minnesota state senator. He has announced that he will be running for Minnesota governor. Dr. Jensen has been a vocal critic of Covid-19 policy and the vaccine. Last year he had criticized CDC's Covid-19 death certificate on live TV on Fox. For that he had to face an investigation for spreading 'misinformation'.

Dr. Jensen expresses his frustration about how people's livelihoods are being destroyed by the lockdowns and how personal liberties and rights are being trampled since the beginning of the pandemic. He expresses concern regarding children being subjected to 'overly aggressive, unapproved, experimental vaccination program' that is causing Myocarditis in many young people. "There have been thousands and thousands of deaths since the vaccine program started, indicating a temporal relationship between the vaccine and the deaths, especially in kids. " 


Anonymous said…
I want people to know my vaccine injury from the Pfizer. I’m a 36 yro F Registered Nurse otherwise healthy and of healthy BMI. I reluctantly got the vaccine, on a whim, because they had over estimated the number of people who were wanting it and it would spoil due to its short shelf life. I only received the first shot but developed a rash with 24 hrs that was around my mouth nose and on my eyelids. Between 48-72 hrs. I woke up to severe muscle spasms in the arm I received the jab. The spasms went on for about an hour and were severe but non painful. After the spasms stopped, I had sever and sudden onset arm, shoulder, chest and scapular pain which lasted 8 weeks. The pain was like electrical shocks and ran down the nerve pathways. I developed parsonage Turner syndrome and now suffer from scapular winging, severe weakness and long thoracic nerve neuropathy. Though the pain has subsided the muscle wasting and physical defect are apparent and I can barely lift my arm 90degrees.

I also suffered sever jaw pain on the left side which lasted 3 weeks despite never having a history of tmj. I began to notice incredible fatigue, mind fog, and heart palpitations. I went to the ER and have a new and sudden presentation of frequent PVCs. It doesn’t matter if I’m anxious or laying on the couch. It’s been months now with an abnormal heart beat ranging from every 4- every 15 heartbeats. I’m currently wearing a heart monitor to asses the true frequency. They did an echo last week which was normal. All my labs and thyroid panels are normal. They checked me for autoimmune disease like lupus but those were neg/ inconclusive. My anti nuclear antibody test came back +160 with finely speckled and some homogenous. Something autoimmune may be happening but they are not sure. I had so much pain in my jaw, arm chest and scapula I don’t know if I would have been able to differentiate the arm issue with cardiac pain. My physician has labeled my case “ covid vaccine complications” and I follow up in 2 weeks. I have reported to Pfizer, VAERS & CDC. My physician asked for my VAERS number but I am not sure if she has reported things yet.

I received the Pfizer 12/28/20 and My life and health have declined exponentially. I have a 6 and 2 year old sons and am the sole provider for my family. All the testing and appointments have been overwhelming and kept me from many days of work.

On a stranger finding, which has yet to be conclusive, 2 months ago I had a annual eye exam and they noted papilledema in my left eye which was not there at the last exam. Could be error, could be completely unrelated, or could be an unknown side effect they my attribute in 6 months time.

I am not antivax, I am a real person telling a rep story of what has happened to me. An open discussion about potential adverse reactions and complications needs to be had with the medical community. I have found only a handful of people telling their story since things have been so political and negative discussions about the vaccines has been nearly completely scrubbed from all platforms.

Thank you for your time, mahalo from Hawaii.
Thank you very much for sharing your story. May Almighty God pull you through this difficult time. I suggest you contact 'America' s Frontline Doctors' to ameliorate the adverse effects. Hope this will subside soon. Love and blessings to your children. Take care.
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