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India's Legal Fraternity Hits Back At Covid Plandemic.

Are you being coerced to take a vaccine at your workplace or university? Are you being deprived of earning livelihood for your family? Are you experiencing restrictions against your movements because you are not vaccinated? You will be delighted to know the recent Gauhati High Court Judgement regarding restrictions on Unvaccinated people. Click Here and Here for details on the Judgement.

Restriction On Unvaccinated Persons For Leaving From Their Houses, Debarring Them From Earning Livelihood, Violative Of Art 14,19 and 21: The Judgement said.
It further went on and said

There is nothing to show that vaccinated persons (first dose) cannot be infected with coronavirus, or they cannot be spreaders. As the vaccinated and unvaccinated persons would have to follow the Covid proper behaviour protocols as per the SOP, there is no justification for discrimination.

Previously Meghalaya High Court had given a similar judgement saying, "Vaccination by coercive methods is violative of fundamental rights." Click Here. The Gauhati High Court Judgement was a direct, hard hitting and no nonsense judgement protecting the rights of unvaccinated citizens though.

While every other system has collapsed on the common man, the legal system of India seems to be the only one standing up for him. In May 2021, The Indian Bar Association (IBA) had served a legal notice to WHO's chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan for 'disinformation and misguiding the people of India in order to fulfill her agenda.' It especially mentioned Ivermectin in its notice. This legal notice became sensational and went viral all over the world. Click Here for IBA's Press Release on this topic.

Two studies on Ivermectin which the IBA mentioned in its notice:

More recently the Indian Bar Association has drafted a letter to the President, Prime Minister and Home Ministers of India calling for action against 'Toxic Philanthropist Bill Gates', 'Vaccine Syndicates', 'Tech Syndicates' and 'Tech Bullies' for genocide through their acts of commission and omission related to the Covid-19 pandemic. IBA drafted this letter through an NGO called Human Rights Security Council. Its a 32 page letter detailing the criminal activities of Bill Gates foundation, pharma industry and big tech industry. Click Here for the full letter. 

What can you do practically:

If you are being discriminated for not taking the vaccine, at your workplace or university or elsewhere, you can write a letter to the head of your institution first, explaining them that you are not legally obliged to take a vaccine or medical treatment against you will. And that its illegal to coerce your into taking the experimental vaccine. 

The Awaken India Movement has drafted a well informed, well written document which you can use as your letter for the head of your institution. Click Here For The Letter. You can attach the Judgements of Meghalaya and Guwahati High Courts in this respect, along with your letter. 

If the letter doesn't work and you are still being forced to take the vaccine, send a mail to Awaken India Movement and your case will be taken up by Indian Bar Association. Email at:

If you want to keep your identity hidden, IBA can take up your case and fight it on its own. Your name will not be revealed. But the main question to ask is, are you really willing to fight for your rights? 


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