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Graphene Transhumanism.

Graphene is a carbon material that got a Nobel prize for physics for its inventors in 2010. It was extracted from graphite (found in pencils) and has just one atom thickness. The says about Graphene: "Graphene is a form of carbon. As a material it is completely new – not only the thinnest ever but also the strongest. As a conductor of electricity it performs as well as copper. As a conductor of heat it outperforms all other known materials. It is almost completely transparent, yet so dense that not even helium, the smallest gas atom, can pass through it. Carbon, the basis of all known life on earth, has surprised us once again."

Graphene and Computers:
Recent research shows that Graphene could make computer chips upto 1000 to 10,000 times faster and 100 times smaller. In the near future Graphene might replace Silicone.

                  World Economic Forum Ad on Graphene.

Graphene ElectroMagnetism and Neuromorphic Computing:
A 2013 research showed that Graphene sheets have intrinsic magnetic properties. Magnetism in Graphene is of special kind-read this to know more. Later researchers found that the ferromagnetic Graphene is not only useful for its electromagnetic properties but also for its spintronics- click here. This has made Graphene an extremely important substance for electronics, quantum computing and neuromorphic computing (computing which mimics neurobiological architectures present in nervous system). Graphene memristive synapses are used for high precision neuromorphic computing.

Graphene is also being extensively studied for Neural interface engineering and and brain activity mapping. A 2018 research article by Mattia Bramini et al throws interesting insight on the potential uses of Graphene in tissue engineering- especially brain regeneration and Graphene based Nanoparticles to deploy drugs into the brain crossing the blood brain barrier.

Graphene reacts to electricity. 

Graphene and 5G:
  • "As a matter of fact, conventional antennas are unable to serve the new frequency due to the limitations in fabrication and installation mainly for smaller sizes. The use of graphene material promises antennas with smaller sizes and thinner dimensions, yet capable of emitting higher frequencies. Hence, graphene antennas were studied at a frequency of 15 GHz in both single and array elements." - PMID: 31698830.
  • "By adopting the plasmon excitation of graphene and quantum tunneling process between graphene and GaAs or GaN, researchers demonstrated the feasibility of harvesting energy from the 915 MHz wireless source belonging to 5G in the FR1 range (450 MHz–6 GHz) which is also known as sub-6G." - PMID: 32566930.
  • Graphene Antennas.
Graphene and Covid-19:
  • In June 2020, a research paper was published by Pawan Kumar Raghav and Sujatha Mohanty with the help from AIIMS, Department of Biotechnology- Ministry of science and technology, India. This was the first article I came across which spoke of antiviral properties of Graphene Nanoparticles (Graphene Oxide, Reduced Graphene Oxide and Graphene Quantum Dots) and their application in Covid-19 treatment. Graphene Oxide was higly negatively charged and it moved towards and attached to the positively charged covid19 virus and destroyed viral membrane by creating reactive oxygen species. Also the Graphene Nanoparticles interact with Spike protein of the virus and prevent its interaction with ACE2 receptor on human cells. - PMID: 33254479.
  • In December 2020 a paper was published by A K Srivastava et al claiming, "Graphene and graphene-related materials (GRMs) exhibit extraordinary physicochemical, electrical, optical, antiviral, antimicrobial, and other fascinating properties that warrant them as potential candidates for designing and development of high-performance components and devices required for COVID-19 pandemic and other futuristic calamities." - PMID: 33106780.
  • In 2021 a research was conducted by Arifin et al demonstrating the agility of biomass derived Graphene as superhydrophobic coating, biosensors and disinfectant in fight against Covid-19. - PMID: 33680866.
  • In March 2021, G. Reina (affiliated to University of Strasbourg, France) stated in her research paper, " In this regard, GRMs can play a major role in sensing, as an active component in antiviral surfaces or in virucidal formulations. Herein, the most promising strategies reported in the literature on the use of GRM-based materials against the COVID-19 pandemic and other types of viruses are showcased, with a strong focus on the impact of functionalization, deposition techniques, and integration into devices and surface coatings." - PMID: 33538037.
  • In May 2021, in their.research paper Tahereh Seifi and Ali Reza Kamali write, "The antiviral mechanisms of graphene materials can be related to events such as the inactivation of virus and/or the host cell receptor, electrostatic trapping and physico-chemical destruction of viral species." - PMCID: PMC8151376.
  • Graphene nanomaterials used in biosensors to detect covid-19.
    Click Here.

Graphene and Covid 19 Vaccines:
First of all let me tell you that the idea of Graphene being present in Covid-19 vaccines is not a wild conspiracy theory. The 'fact checkers' which are funded by Black Rock and Vanguard which also fund Big Pharma- are desperately trying to picturize this idea as a crazy wild imagination of conspiracy theorists. But there is in fact a patent by a Chinese company on covid-19 recombinant vaccine taking Graphene oxide as a carrier.

Click Here.

The current assignee for this patent is the mysterious "Shanghai National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology Co Ltd about which I could not find anything on the internet. If anyone of you finds anything about it please post it in the comments section.

Studies indicate that Graphene nanoparticle has the potential to replace silver nanoparticle as the nano adjuvant in vaccines to stimulate cellular immunity. - PMID: 26814441.

Studies are also being conducted to look at biocompatability and toxicty of Graphene Nanoparticles and human cells. PMID: 30424535. Why would such studies be conducted if there was no intention of introducing Graphene Nanoparticles into living tissues or cells?

Carnigie Mellon University describes Graphene as a 'novel material' to 'remote control of neurons.' Click Here.

Graphene Oxide can travel from nose to brain. Click Here.

Graphene Quantum Dots are biocompatible and water soluble. PMID: 30244796. These can be used to monitor function of every cell in the body.

In June 2021, State of the Nation reported that Spanish researchers found 99% Graphene in Pfizer vaccines inder microscope. The report further stated that there was no genetic (mRNA) material in the vaccine at all. This might have been their msunderstanding because the mRNA present in vaccines is highly unstable and might have disintegrated. Thats one of the reasons why most peope are not experiencing any serious adverse effects after taking these vaccines. But the Graphene nanolipid covering the mRNA remains intact and it gets deposited in various organs of the body, especially Brain and Reproductive system. This might be the reason why the FDA advised NOT to check Antibody titers after vaccination to assess immunity against Covid-19. Because vast majority will have either no antibodies or low antibody titers.  This is anti-science. 

Blame the lack of adequate antibody titers not the 'variants'.

  • Graphene's antiviral properties and its utilization in making new medical devices and drug delivery systems for covid-19 has been studied extensively in the past few years. So its not absurd to think that Covid-19 vaccines might be having Graphene Nanoparticles wrapped around the unstable mRNA of spike proteins, as a delivery mechanism.
  • Graphene Nanoparticles can cross the blood brain barrier (mentioned in above studies). So it would not be absurd to say that Graphene nanoparticles get deposited in brain tissue.
  • Graphene has shown to interact with EMF, especially it has the capability to interact with 5G.
  • Graphene has shown to take the neural interface technology and neuromorphic computing to another level.
  • It would not be a wild exotic imagination to postulate that Graphene might have been used in the Covid-19 vaccines to carry the payload (mRNA) and then it gets deposited in the brain tissue (Graphene and the Brain) Once depsited in the brain tissue it can be used to enhance Neural interface where man can wirelessly operate electronic gadgets or maybe used for mind control.
  • Once human brain is connected wirelessly to a computer or a similar electronic gadget, it might be possible to control the device with the mind or control the mind using the computer. Graphene may help speed up the computer to be able to match the human mind and also help in easy communication between the brain and the computer. 
  • Thus Graphene potentially has extensive application in the field of transhumanism.


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