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Mask Off Mask On: Devil's Play by Health Authorities.

Mask mandates have shown us yet again why there should not be any 'authority' to dictate whats good or bad for our health. 'Public Health' has become such an evil weapon used to wipe out God given rights of the people. Today's Covid-19 mandates are reminiscent of Nazi medical experiments trampling human rights and treating human beings like lab animals. Where you do not have right to choose for your health and worse -  the assumption that you do not know what's good for you.

Approx 20-200 viruses and 2-3 viruses can TOGETHER pass through one pore of surgical mass and N95 mask.

Total corruption of science by the corporate powers and the turning of science into an authoritarian 'collective conscience' of the 'scientific community' has been an ongoing phenomenon from the past few decades which now has taken exponential proportions. Rather science is about facts, proofs, experimentation, questioning, reasoning- not a majority vs minority belief system. Blatant use of force to make people wear masks and take vaccines has become a symbol of medical fascism of Covid-19 times. Not the mention the censorship of overwhelming number of doctors and scientists around the world who oppose the draconian health mandates or the studies contradicting the official narrative that get retracted.

First they told us its not a good idea to wear masks.
The fact that masks can not stop the virus or the aerosol spray droplets (sneeze or cough) coming from infected people has nothing to do with the mask mandates being dictated by health authorities. The subject has to obey the master, the 'lay man' (expression used by arrogant corporate scientific community) has to obey the 'expert' in this new technocracy. Your opinion, your logic and your choice does not matter even if its regarding your own body. The constant 'U turns' and lies by the public health authorities seems to be aimed at breaking the will of the populations. A kind of sadist-satanic mockery at the helplessness of the people. 

Simple common-sense demonstrated that masks are ineffective against Covid-19 virus:

Simple demonstration to show how ineffective the masks are against virus.

Dr. Byram Bridle demonstrates mouth aerosol easily passes through the masks. 

Studies contradicting official mask mandates:
  • Japanese researchers showed that even the N95 mask can not completely block the viral transmission- Click Here.
  • Mask mandates do not decrease covid19 transmission during the surges. Click Here and Here.
  • A Danish study showed that masks did not reduce infection rates in wearers. Click Here and Here.
  • CDC's own study showed that double masks impede breathing. Click Here.
  • Masks are damaging health of children- No. of references in this article- Click Here.
  • Masks (reused and unhygienic) are linked with deadly 'Black Fungus' infection. Click Here, Here and Here
  • Recent MIT study shows that risk of covid19 infection indoors does not decrease by wearing masks or maintaining social distancing (of 60 feet). Click Here.
  • Masks increase co2 concentration of the blood but its within the NIOSH levels for short term use. Click Here. But what about long term use? 
While it may be understandable to wear masks for a few minutes in tightly packed crowded places- theoritically it reduces (not totally block) aerosols coming from people around us, its absolutely insane to follow the CDC recommendations to wear masks for hours together and 7 days a week. The latest CDC recommendation to wear masks indoors all the time, even for children, is nothing short of pure madness which has devastating health consequences.

Moreover it should be up to the individuals to decide what is best for their health. The authorities have no right to ridicule, coerce, threaten, penalize people for nor wearing or wearing the masks. A person is not responsible for another person's health. If the government feels so strongly about public health safety, it should find ways to do that without impinging on rights and liberties of the people.


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