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18 Questions to AIIMS Director.

Awaken India Movement (AIM) has raised 18 pointed questions regarding Covid19 to AIIMS (India's premiere medical institute- All India Institute of Medical Sciences) Director, Dr. Randeep Guleria. The questions force us to think about the fallacity of the official narrative about Covid 19.

Answerable to Media alone?

  •  (1). In 2020, "Covid-19" was declared as Pandemic in India on the basis of: (a). WHO declared it a Pandemic on 11th March'20. Does mere declaration by WHO that a pandemic has come, binding on the Government of India without confirming the same by its own research institutions, concerned scientists and referring to domestic studies? (b). Did any public funded medical authority/institution in India give its consent to declaration of a pandemic and health emergency and subsequent measures of mandatory mask and social distancing, lockdowns and then vaccine coercion in the country, linking it to travel and attending educational institution campuses? 
  • (2). Has the SARS-CoV-2 virus been isolated in purified form anywhere in India by any public funded institution, to measure its genetic sequence and study its nature and features? Have these researchers found/received this Virus in isolation? Can this isolated virus be produced by AIIMS Delhi for public scrutiny? 
  • (3). Has the purported novel virus SARS-Cov-2 been proved via Koch's or River's postulates or following scientific processes of causal relationship along with statistical correlation? 
  • (4). Is Face Mask safe and effective w.r.t. to Covid-19? Has any study been done by any public funded institution in India to prove that masks are safe and effective w.r.t. to Covid-19? 
  • (5). Has any study been done by any public funded institution in India to prove that 6 feet physical distancing is effective? 
  • (6). Is sanitizer safe and effective to prevent Covid-19? Has any study been done by any public funded institution in India to prove that sanitizer is safe and effective w.r.t. to Covid-19? 
  • (7). Has the clinical trial for emergency approved Covid Vaccines in India completed its phase 3 clinical trial for making it mandatory and coercive in public interest? 
  • (8). If in a clinical trial the control group participants are given one or more adjuvant or any other vaccine as a placebo, then can it's safety data be deemed reliable? Here the adjuvant or the vaccine being given as placebo has its own proven set of localized as well systemic reactogenicity. 
  • (9). Are all Covid Vaccines being approved in India fit to be declared as a Vaccine or are in fact Gene (manipulation and modification) Therapy as per classic medical definition? 
  • (10). What is the efficacy (in absolute terms) of the Emergency Use Approval Covid-19 Vaccines in India? 
  • (11). Please cite and refer peer reviewed medical study/studies (for each Covid Vaccines) on the basis of which it is being stated that the Covid Vaccines are safe for: (a). Comorbid not using any medication or are on some prescription drugs. (b). Age groups: 18-45; 45-60; and 60 above. (c). Lactating mothers. (d). Pregnant ladies. (e). Baby as foetus in the womb of his/her mother under 20 weeks as well as over 20 weeks. (f). Those in the reproductive age group who want to reproduce in future. If there does not exist a peer reviewed study on the basis of which safety cannot be established for any one or more of the above conditions, then is it bio-ethically correct to state that the Covid Vaccine is safe for the above conditions? 
  • (12). If it has been proved that natural immunity against Covid-19 is more robust and long-lasting than the immunity (if any) from the Covid Vaccine, then: (a). Why do those recovered from Covid-19 (symptomatic or asymptomatic) need Covid-19 Vaccine? (b). If the most recent serological survey conducted by ICMR says that more than 2/3rd of Indian population above 6 years have gained natural antibodies against Covid-19, then why do Indian population need Covid-19 Vaccine to attain herd immunity if it is being achieved naturally as is being proved by consecutive serological surveys? 
  • (13). All Covid Vaccines produce artificial spike protein in the cells of human body which the world over is being responsible for localized as well systemic reactions as mentioned in the scientific paper by Salk Institute of USA, which is proving to cause blood clots leading to heart failure and brain strokes including other organ failures, then has the AIIMS Delhi conducted any study on the side effects of these spike proteins on human body? If not done, then as a premier medical research institute of India, will AIIMS Delhi take this responsibility to prove or disprove in a time bound manner, the safety of spike protein produced by the Covid Vaccines on human blood and organs? 
  • (14). Does a positive report in Covid RT-PCR testing prove that there is presence of pathogenic Covid virus in the body? If not, why is it being used as a gold standard test for Covid-19? Reply with citations and references. 
  • (15). Third Wave of Covid-19 will come, is this based on assumption or scientific and empirical study? Please reply with citations and references. 
  • (16). Covid Vaccines will end Covid or provide herd immunity - is this based on hope or any scientific and empirical study? Please reply with citations and references. 
  • (17). With respect to Covid Vaccines, the statement/submission being made that - the benefit outweighs the risk. Is this statement based on assumption or scientific and empirical study? Please reply with citations and references. 
  • (18). With respect to Covid Vaccines, the statement/submission being made that the Vaccine is protecting people from severe or fatal Covid-19 is this statement based on assumption or scientific and empirical study? Please reply with citations and references. 
Dr. Guleria has not answered any of these questions even after 10 days. AIM team has given the questionnaire to Dr. Guleria both in person and through email. Shouldn't Dr. Guleria be answerable to people of India as he is also the Head of Clinical Research Group of National Task Force for Covid 19 appointed by government of India. Instead, like a typical Technocrat he ignores the civil society and only appears on mainstream media to support the official (and international) narrative on Covid 19.

Click here for the original AIM letter to AIMS director.


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