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Safety Concerns of Covid19 Vaccine Refuse to Fade Away.

Bill Gates, who is involved in worldwide Depopulation programs, has also invested hugely in vaccination programs. This combination makes lot of people hard to believe him and the likes of him when he talks about Philanthropy and Charity for the welfare of people. late last year in a live interview, Bill Gates talks about "Trade off" where he advocates for having "less safety testing than we typically have" and that "the governments have to decide will they indemnify the companies and say lets go out with this as we dont have the time as we normally do." For an innocent onlooker, it looks like a reasonable statement but if you take a closer look, he is calling for vaccine deaths and morbidity to be overlooked by governments. In the same interview he says that we cant be sure about the efficacy of the vaccine.  Early in Jan 2021, Professor Gagandeep Kang of Christian Medical College, Vellore, India (one of the most prestigious Medical Institute in India) had