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India Authorizes 2 Deoxy-D-Glucose For Covid19.

 DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) has developed 2-DG  (2 Deoxy-D-Glucose) for Covid19 and the first batch of this Anti-Covid19 drug was released by Defense and Health Ministers of India on 17/5/2021. 2-DG has got emergency approval as an adjunct drug in moderate to severe cases of Covid19 in India. Click Image for Source. Mechanism of Action and Role in Cancer treatment: Glucose is metabolized through 2 pathway in human body. Aerobic (Oxidative phosphorylation) and Anaerobic (Glycolysis). 2-DG was earlier used as an adjuvant therapy in some Cancers. 2-DG blocks Glycolysis (anaerobic metabolism of Glucose). 2.DG forms a dead end in Glycolysis at the Isomerase enzyme level. Cancer cells which largely depend on Glucose for their energy, have a lot of Glucose transporters on their cells, thereby taking in large amounts of 2-DG (which mimics Glucose). Cancer cells utilize Glycolysis to metabolize Glucose- This was demonstrated by Nobel Laurette Otto Warburg. But 2-DG c