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Dr. Somone Gold on the Dangers of Experimental Covid19 Vaccines being pushed.

Dr. Simone Gold is an Emergency Physician in the USA who was fired by her Medical Director for prescribing Hydroxychloroquine to a Covid19 patient. The reason given in her written termination letter was that there was pressure from the top Insurance provide of the Hospital to not prescribe Hydroxychloroquine to covid19 patients. This woke Dr. Simone up and she started on this journey of awakening. She along with fellow Doctors, who were facing discrimination and pressure from the top, while treating Covid19 patients, formed the America's Frontline Doctors. A platform to raise their voices against the lies and propaganda surrounding Covid19 and its treatment. Dr. Simone Gold was banned from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter- totally 'deplatformed.' But her voice kept echoing through millions of people world wide. Click Here For The Full Video. Synopsis of the speech: Dr. Simone talks about the dangers posed by these Experimental Vaccines that have been granted permission to be u