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Covid19 Spike Protein and Coagulation Abnormalities.

 Gene based Experimental Covid19 vaccines have been associated with coagulation disorders- either extensive clots or bleeding disorders or DIC (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation). The cause of this is the 'Spike Protein' of Covid19 virus which these experimental vaccines induce our body cells to produce, after getting inside the cells. Better term for these 'vaccines' maybe Genetically Modified Biological Agents.  How Spike Protein works. Taken from Covid19 virus enters our cells through ACE 2 receptors through its Spike protein and replicates inside our cells in large numbers and leaves the host cell and enters surrounding cells. The host cells either dies off by bursting while the viral particles come out of it, or the immune cells attack the cell and destroy it as they don't want viral replication happening in these cells. This entire process causes lot of inflammation, especially triggered by the spike proteins. Excess response from immune cells