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Lipid Nano Particles (LNPs), Gene editing, Transhumanism and the Experimental Covid19 Vaccines.

 The Experimental Covid19 Vaccines instruct our bodies to produce spike proteins. Spike proteins are highly immunogenic but at the same time they are highly toxic. While a one time dead or attenuated Covid19 viral shot or spike protein shot would make sense, the logic behind producing such spike protein by cells of our body is hard to grasp. Meanwhile the delivery system used to deliver this payload (mRNA) into the cell is as bothersome as the spike protein itself. Pfizer and Moderna, which use the mRNA technology in their vaccines have said that they use the LNPs to carry the mRNA so that the body doesn't recognize the new code (synthetic mRNA present in the vaccine) and destroy it. So the LNPs in a way dupe our body's defenses into accepting the new synthetic mRNA coming from outside- which instructs our body cells to produce spike proteins. Dr. Lorraine Day about Gene editing by Covid19 vaccines. The innovative Lipid Nano Particles (LNPs) have been boasted as being very prec