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Medical Industrial Complex Part 1: Public Health In Corporate Hands.

 The WHO constitution came into existence on 7th April 1984, without any genuine elections. Almost 3/4th of the world is influenced by the 'Advice and Recommendations' given by WHO. Billions of patients receive medical treatment partly or dominantly based on recommendations from the WHO. It has more than 194 member states, including all the wealthy states of the world.  In the beginning WHO was supposed to receive funds from the governments of member states. But few years ago WHO setup 'Private Partnerships' (in accordance with Agenda 21's Public-Private partnerships?) that allows it to receive funds and support from private firms and industries. Since then, its credibility seriously tarnished, its independence seriously questioned and there has been a total lack of transparency with regards to scientific proof that supports its recommendations and its collisions with the MNCs (multinational corporations). A Clip from Trust Who. WHO chief says WHO has  to work on pr