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The Medical Industrial Complex Part 2: Killing For The Great Reset.

  Big Pharma Consolidating Money and Control through Successive 'Pandemics' . Today, three Asset Management Companies own entire Corporate America: Blackrock Vanguard State Street. The same Asset Management firms own the Media, Military Industrial Complex and The International Banks. It wont be a surprise if I tell you, all three are founded and owned by Zionist Jews. These three Asset management firms own largest shares in Pfizer (largest Pharma company), AstraZeneca , Johnson & Johnson , Moderna and all other major pharmaceutical industries in the world. The Rothschilds own major shares in Vanguard , Blackrock and State Street . It wont be an overstatement if I say Rothschilds own corporate America .  Dr. Vandana Shiva about MNC mergers and Asset Management Firms. The Great Reset:  Great Reset is a Globalist Agenda planned and executed by International Banking Cartel. Medical Industrial Complex. Military Industrial Complex. Corporate Media. The modus operandi is the s