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Magnetofection and Mind-Behavior Control: A Possibility In Future.

Social Media is filled with videos of iron sticking to bodies of people who were vaccinated with mRNA experimental vaccines. Media and Social media giants were quick in ' fact checking ' it- "No, Covid19 mRNA vaccines wont make you magnetic." This is not just a lie but a conscious misinformation the main stream media and social media platforms are spreading among the masses. The science behind this phenomenon is not new, but has been there from over a decade. Its called Magnetofection. Overwhelming amounts (thousands) of videos are circulating in social media where people are becoming 'magnetized' after taking these shots. When denial with 'fact checkers' became difficult, now the pro vaxxers are saying that magnetism was not 'intentionally' added to the vaccine. Magnetofection and the ElectroMagnetic Nanoparticles: Magnetofection is forceful transfection of viral or bacterial (or any other external) nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) into our body