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mRNA Vaccine Can Affect the DNA: Debunking the 'Fact Checkers'.

Lot of misinformation has been propagated by the main stream media among the people regarding the mRNA vaccines. The media and CDC/FDA (Big Pharma) tell us that mRNA can not enter the nucleus and it doesn't effect our DNA or genes. So na├»ve.  But let us examine some clinical research studies published in peer reviewed journals regarding Covid19 mRNA and mRNA in general, to understand if it can really affect the DNA. The reason why Covid19 mRNA keeps shedding and PCR keeps showing positive even after the infection has subsided in some people is because the mRNA of Covid19 can reverse transcribe and get integrated into human genome. CLICK HERE . mRNA has emerged as a powerful tool for transfer of genetic information. One of the applications of mRNA in this process is its prolonged persistence in the cell to improve bioavailability of the encoded protein- Covid19 spike protein in case of mRNA vaccines. Various approaches leverage mRNA as gene therapy drug format. CLICK HERE. .  mRNA c