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Why SAGE's 'Covid19 Third Wave' Predictions Resemble WHO's Swine flu 'Pandemic' Predictions?

Its a kind of Deja vu experience when you look at the SAGE 's (Science Advisory Group for Emergencies) report predicting apocalyptic 'third wave' of Covid19 and its grim repercussions on health and economy. Something similar had happened in 2009 Swine flu 'pandemic'-  Its not he first time. WHO had estimated that 2 to 7.4 million people would die if the 'new virus' was mild and 10 million would die if the virus was potent.  Mid May 2009, 30 representatives of Big Pharma met Director Margaret Chan and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon at WHO headquarters behind closed doors.  Even the Director of Public Health Dr. German Velasquez was not allowed into this secret 'private' meeting with the Big Pharma. WHO changed the definition of 'Pandemic ' to make it easier to declare Swine flu a pandemic. On June 11 2009, WHO raised epidemic level 5 to 6 and declared Swine flu as a 'Pandemic'. More than 200 countries prepared for a Pandemic like