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Destruction of 'Godfather of Vaccinology' by US Lawyer Aaron Siri: Highlights from the 9 Hour long Deposition of Dr. Stanley Plotkin. (Jan 11, 2018).

Background:  Ms.Lori Matheson  filed a case in the court of law to prevent her ex husband Michael Schmidt from vaccinating her 10 year old daughter Faith against her religious beliefs. Michael Schmidt brought in Dr. Stanley Plotkin (aka Godfather of Vaccines ) as an expert witness. Ms. Matheson's Lawyer Aaron Siri destroyed Dr. Plotkin in a 9 hour long grilling so much so that the next day Dr. Plotkin refused to be an expert witness . Schmidt's legal team took back Dr. Plotkin's deposition so that it could not be used in favor of Ms. Matheson . And final outcome was that the mother was ordered to vaccinate her child according to CDC 'recommendations.' The brave mother lost the case but this case shed the light on the corrupt, Godless, cold blooded and horrific so called 'scientists' and 'scientific community'  of our times. This case uncovers the various conflicts of interests the doctors and scientists are involved in these days and also reveals